Why Not Get Suspended?

No, not from work or school, but from some classic Arrow steel track!  The Bat at Kings Island, opened in 1994 (not too be confused with the similarly named but ultimately failed early 80s suspended coaster) and was called Top Gun.   Appropriately, it was themed to the 1986 movie.  I think Kings Island nailed it with its current paint job and the revival of the legendary failure’s name.  It ...[Read More]

Why Not Go Big?

Banshee at Mason, Ohio’s Kings Island was introduced as the world’s longest inverted coaster.  Aside from any record-breaking facts toted at its introduction, in person, this new-for-2014 B&M beaut is huge and moves an impressive amount of people through its queues every day the park is open. So Why Not Get Inverted? Have you ridden Banshee? Which inverted B&M coaster is your f...[Read More]

Why Sit When You Can Stand Up?

That was a question a few roller coaster designers in the 1980s and 1990s asked.  However, the stand up roller coaster seems to be slowly fading away with several parks dismantling & selling theirs or, in the case of Mantis at Cedar Point, converting it to a Floorless Coaster. So What’s Your Take? Have you ridden a standup roller coaster?  Have you ridden one that’s been converted ...[Read More]

Why Not Take a Flight?

Firehawk at Kings Kings Island is one of three of Vekoma’s Flying Dutchman roller coasters in the U.S.  Originally painted green and black and named X-Flight, this flying coaster once lived in northeast Ohio at the now defunct Six Flags Worlds of Adventure (or that park’s more familiar name, Geauga Lake).  Now in southwest Ohio, Firehawk still provides plenty of white-knuckle rides. Wh...[Read More]

Why Not Ride a Kiddy Coaster?

Well, because this one hurts!  I remember riding this particular Allan Herschell designed roller coaster as a very young child, and it hurt even then!  This little steel monster/kiddy coaster resides at Midway State Park (formerly Midway Park) in Maple Springs, NY along the shore of Chautauqua Lake.  I wish they had the Mad Mouse model instead… So What’s Your Take? Do you ride little c...[Read More]

Why Not Get Some Hangtime?

Why not get some hangtime on Cedar Point’s guardian, GateKeeper?  Opened in 2013, GateKeeper claimed several records, including the world’s highest inversion at 170 ft. What’s your take? Have you ridden GateKeeper?  What is your favorite or least favorite aspect of this huge Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Coaster?

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