California Theme Park Trip Report – Part 2

California Theme Park Trip Report – Part 2 The Conclusion of the SoCal Theme Park Blitz featuring A Night at Knott’s BerryIt was getting late and I figured if I was going to squeeze in Knott’s it was time to head to X2 (4:40) and face my long wait fate. Luckily, the wait was drastically reduced. Instead of over 2 hours it was only about 50 minutes. Halfway through my wait in the ...[Read More]

California Theme Park Trip Report – Part 1

My Insane 11 Hour Blitz of the Los Angeles Theme ParksPart 1 – Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier & Six Flags Magic MountainThanks to all of the readers and those on the various message boards out there for the tips. I landed at LAX at around 10:30 in the morning on Thursday, August the 14th. After finding out how close the airport was to the beach and Pacific Park I figured I’d...[Read More]

Michigan’s Adventure Photos

Loyal reader Judy P in Pgh, sent in these photos from her trip to Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon. New for 2008, the park unveiled the relocated inverted coaster Thunderhawk from Geauga Lake. Michigan’s Adventures’ signature ride is Shivering Timbers. It’s a massive wooden coaster that boasts almost 5,400 feet of track. Check out these photos that Judy took on her trip: Ha...[Read More]

Rampage @ Alabama Adventure | Coaster Reviews

A Lost Treasure, Rampage is a Wooden Gem in the Deep SouthAlabama Adventure (formerly Visionland) is just west of Birmingham, AL. It’s a small park with three coasters, a water park, and a number of flat rides. The only real draw from for me, as The Coaster Critic, was Rampage. Between Bobfunland’s glowing, but fair review over at ThemeParkCritic and the 14th place ranking in the lates...[Read More]

Scarowinds Trip Report Part 2

Scarowinds Trip Report Part 2 County FairThe County Fair section had the feel of a busy carnival. It was full of bright lights, music, and games that were actually attracting customers. It was also home to the wooden racing coaster Thunder Road. Normally, it races one train with forward facing cars and one train with backward facing cars. This night, only the forward facing side was operable. It h...[Read More]

Scarowinds Trip Report Part 1

Scarowinds Trip Report, Part 1Since it’s Halloween, I figured I’d recap my trip to Scarowinds, Carowinds Halloween event. I arrived at the park just before 7 PM. I was looking forward to returning to Carowinds both for some night rides and to ride a few coasters for the first time. I’d been to Carowinds back in 2004 with my fiancee, but we skipped a few coasters. Right away, I no...[Read More]

Carowinds Trip to Close Out ’07

Carowinds Trip Next WeekFor my final trip of the season I’m planning a return trip to Carowinds, my new home park here in Charlotte, NC. I went back in 2004 with my then fiancee. The park was full of clones and similar coasters so we skipped quite a few. Plus, BORG Assimilator had just opened and had an extremely long line. I’m looking forward to getting on the coasters we skipped: Hur...[Read More]

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