CoasterCritic on the Move

I haven’t had much free time lately to post on the blog. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks making a transition from my old job to my new job. My new job is located near North Carolina so me and my family are in the process of relocating from the D.C. area to Charlotte area. In case you didn’t know, the Commonweatlth of Virginia is the best state in the Union. I will miss it...[Read More]

CoasterCritic On Hiatus

On Friday morning, May 18th, my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. I’m taking a short hiatus from the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Kingda Ka Review

Kingda Ka Review at Associated ContentWant to know what it’s like to ride the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world? Check out my Kingda Ka Review over at Associated Content. Read the full article here. Also, my Kingda Ka review on this blog can be found here. If you like to write you might as well get paid for it. Join AssociatedContent, write about what ever you like, and get som...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic’s Blog – Coaster Reviews & Theme Park News

Coaster Blogger Forgets His One Year Anniversary, Scrambles to Write About It While Its Still RelevantA little over a year ago I merged my passions for roller coasters and writing and The Coaster Critic’s Blog was born. Initially, I didn’t think blogs were anything more than digital diaries where people rambled on about doing the laundry, their love lives, and how fast the kids are gro...[Read More]

Coaster Critic’s Blog Enhancements for 2007

The Coaster Critic’s Blog is kicking off the 2007 season with a slew of enhancements: The return of Top 3 ThursdaysNew theme park reviewsNew roller coaster reviews with videosMore additions to Coasterology 101 Also, readers can request my next review by leaving a comment at the bottom of the Theme Park Reviews page or the Complete Ride List page. You can stay “tuned-in” by subscr...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Videos

I’m working on adding roller coaster videos to each of my coaster reviews. Thanks to YouTube, I can embed the videos into my posts. Quite often, the videos don’t do the rides justice, but I know a lot of people want to know as much as they can about the roller coasters they haven’t ridden. Especially today when I can see a POV or onride video of a coaster I’m not likely to ...[Read More]

November Coaster Quiz @

I just finished up the November Coaster Quiz over at Pop on over and give it a try. I think it’s one of the toughest quizzes I’ve put together in a while. At least I think so. We’ll see after people start taking it. You might want to bone up on your Greek mythology first. Good luck! Click here.

Subscribe to Your Favorite Theme Park Blog

The Coaster Critic Goes Web 2.0So it seems that there are some of us out there that would prefer not to go to the ‘hastle’ of having to follow a bookmark or even type in the url of their favorite sites. For the sites that they frequently visit these people would like the content delivered to them. That’s the whole driving force behind RSS feeds and readers. So it took me a year o...[Read More]

Top Theme Park Blog

Earlier this week my blog was selected as ‘Blog of the Week’ over at That One Blog. Long time blogger, Thatoneguy, decided to compare Theme Park Blogs. He compared and rated’s Theme Park Blog, A Disney Blog, Theme Park Experience, and the Coaster Critic’s Blog. In the end, he chose my blog as the Blog of the Week. Thanks for the kudos. Check out That One Blog. The...[Read More]

Coaster Critic Headed to Windy City

For my last major trip of the summer of ’06 I’m headed to Chicago for Six Flags Great America. I’m looking forward to riding another B&M hyper coaster (Raging Bull). Great America also boasts the Viper which was modeled after the Coney Island Cyclone. Since I won’t be able to make it to the real Cyclone maybe the Viper will do. While I’m in the area, I’m hop...[Read More]

Dollywood Trip

I’m back from my trip to Dollywood. While there, I rode Thunderhead. According to coaster enthusiasts it’s the number one wooden coaster in the world. It as awarded the Golden Ticket in 2005. I’m not sure that it will be the top wooden coaster again this year, but I can see why it’s so popular.

Voyage Delivers the Goods

I’ve returned and recuperated from my trip to Holiday World and Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Voyage was awesome as advertised and has pushed into my Top Coasters list. Holiday World was a nice, smaller park I can see why it has the reputation it does with the coaster enthusiast community. And while Kentucky Kingdom lived up to its dubious reputation, I’ve got a shot glass with “Ke...[Read More]

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