What is a Mine Train Roller Coaster?

Mine train roller coasters have been around for many years. They are defined by simulating an out of control mine cart or Old West locomotive train. They are made of steel and most are tame enough to be classified as family roller coasters. Common elements include: multiple lift hills, short gently slopping curved drops, helices, and tunnels. The first mine train roller coaster was Runaway Mine Tr...[Read More]

10 Days of New Posts

So you may have noticed that I’ve been posting less frequently lately. I wouldn’t call it writers block, just computer issues (laptop died) and the general demands of a busy life when you’re married with child. Well, to get back on track, I’m starting another blogstreak. This time it’ll be ten days in a row of new, exclusive, and original content.

Freestyle Music Park Re-Launches Successfully

Freestyle Music Park opened Memorial Day weekend as planned and the early reviews are positive. DiscoverMyrtleBeach took a tour before the park opened and has some great photos of the revamped park. It’s amazing how much the new owners have been able to do in just a few months. Some have been critical at the lack of updates coming out of the park, but as you can see from the photo tour they&...[Read More]

Interview: Designer of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Louis Alfieri

While I was in Orlando last week, I was lucky enough to be able to interview Universal Studio’s Creative Director Louis Alfieri. He’s one of the minds behind their new ground-breaking roller coaster Hollywood: Rip Ride Rockit. I was eager to learn more about the new roller coaster that combines state-of-the-art audio and visual technology with a unique ride. Lights Camera Action!  R...[Read More]

Interview: Freestyle Music Park President Steve Baker Part 2

This is the conclusion of my exclusive interview with Steve Baker, President of Freestyle Music Park. In Part 1, I spoke with him about his experience in the amusement industry as well as Freestyle Park International’s vision. With reports of low attendance last year, most of my questions in the second half focused on the park’s obvious first hurdle; getting guests in the park. Again, ...[Read More]

Interview: Freestyle Music Park President Steve Baker Part 1

Last week, I spoke with Steve Baker, the President of Myrtle Beach’s Freestyle Music Park. His company is in the process of transforming the park from Hard Rock Park to Freestyle Music Park with a target opening date of Memorial Day 2009. We discussed his plans for turning last year’s failure into this year’s success story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tape the interview...[Read More]

3 Years of Airtime, G-Forces, & Blogging

This week marks The Coaster Critic’s Blog’s third year in existence. It’s been fun traveling the country, riding great (and not so great) roller coasters and then sharing my experiences with you. Thanks to all of the readers out there around the World. Also a special thanks to those who’ve joined in on the discussions by leaving comments. I’ve never claimed to know it...[Read More]

The Beast Turns 30!

Thirty years ago today, a legend was born. In the lush green forest behind Kings Island (north of Cincinnati, OH) a monster of a roller coaster began its record-breaking existence. The Beast opened as the longest and fastest roller coaster in the World on April 13, 1979. It has also been cited as the first roller coaster to generate a big media buzz. The $4 million terrain roller coaster sends rid...[Read More]

Hard Rock Park Renamed Freestyle Music Park

After having to rename and re-brand the former Hard Rock Park the new park operators didn’t waste any time. Today, the park announced the new name, Freestyle Music Park. In the press release, FPI calls the park, “the launching point for the Freestyle Park brand throughout the world.” “Choosing ‘Freestyle Music’ as the name of the Park is a strategic move that we see as a key bene...[Read More]

Questionable Alltel Roller Coaster Commercial

Alltel might want to rethink their new commercial. It features the typical cell phone using family struggling with their current cell phone plan. This time the poor customers are waiting under a roller coaster hoping to catch falling change so that they can afford their plans. On the surface it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you consider the two high-profile accidents last year inclu...[Read More]

Busch & SeaWorld Parks For Sale

The thing I’ve been dreading for months is starting to happen. The newly formed Anhueser-Busch InBev is starting to sell off Busch Entertainment Corp., the parent company of  the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks around the country. The writing had been on the wall since AB was purchased by InBev last year. Almost immediately, analyst predicted that the Belgian brewer would likely sell of the...[Read More]

What is a 4th Dimension Roller Coaster?

4th dimension roller coasters position riders on either side of the track rather than above or below it. The seats spin on a horizontal axis. There are only a handful in the world, but they are easily the most insane and intimidating roller coasters around. Arrow/S&S 4th Dimension Roller Coasters Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X was the first 4th dimension roller coaster when it opened in 20...[Read More]

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