Hard Rock Park Finds Buyer

Myrtle Beach Online has reported that there are now two potential buyers for the Myrtle Beach park. After only six months in operation, the $400 million park closed and is now receiving bids for only $25 million. The latest bid is from a group of investors, not a theme park operator like Cedar Fair or Six Flags. They have hopes of opening the park by Memorial Day. There’s still no official s...[Read More]

Six Flags America Teases Big Announcement

While it’s a little late for 2009 announcements, Six Flags America (Largo, Maryland) is teasing a big announcement on their Facebook page.  So, what could the announcement be? Could We Finally See Ultra Twister at Six Flags America? I’d be really surprised if the announcement is a new roller coaster, unless it’s Ultra Twister. I haven’t been in years, but I didn’t thi...[Read More]

Universal Orlando Super Bowl Commercial

All the beer commercials were cool, but like many coaster enthusiasts I perked up when I saw the Universal Orlando ad during the Super Bowl. I thought the ad was neat. Universal has to differentiate itself from Disney and the hero appeal is a nice approach. Also, I don’t feel like you normally see an ad that targets the Dads, but I could be wrong. As a former Marketing major I’d have t...[Read More]

Last Call for Free Beer at Busch Parks

If you’ve ever been to a Busch park like the African-themed park in Tampa or the European-themed park in Virginia, you’ve seen the Budweiser Clydesdales and no doubt noticed that the parks sell the company’s beer. I had no idea that they offered free beer at the hospitality centers. I DO remember that the Williamsburg, VA park had free brewery tours. My brother and I took a tour ...[Read More]

Kings Dominion’s Two New Rides for 2009

Kings Dominion Gets Two New Flat Rides for 2009 Last year, Kings Dominion received the B&M floorless coaster Dominator from the defunct Ohio park Geauga Lake. Now, Kings Dominion will get two new-ish flat rides for 2009. Cedar Fair is harvesting the Americana Ferris wheel and a swinging pendulum ride called El Dorado from Geauga Lake. Some think that it’s hard to believe that this is Ki...[Read More]

Hard Rock Park Closed For Good

No Revival for Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach’s doomed Hard Rock Park will likely never reopen. Last Friday, the park converted its bankruptcy from a Chapter 11 to Chapter 7. The change in bankruptcy status was made because the park was unable to find any bidders willing to pay $35 million for the $400 million park by the December 15th deadline. This change takes the park’s sale into the ...[Read More]

Welcome to the New Coaster Critic’s Blog

Happy New Year! Welcome to The Coaster Critic’s Blog v3.0 It’s been a pretty large undertaking, but today I’m unveiling the new site. Importing the posts from Blogger to WordPress was easy, but many of my posts still need to be reformatted. The site will be in beta for a few weeks as I update, reformat, and link check the over 400 posts. The latest version has a ton of new capabi...[Read More]

How Roller Coasters Are Made

Mommy, Where Do B&M’s Come From? | How Roller Coasters Are MadeEver wonder where and how roller coasters are made? NewsPlusNotes has an excellent behind-the-scenes look at a manufacturing plant in Ohio that churns out Bolliger & Mabillard’s great roller coasters for the U.S. The NewsPlusNotes staff were taken through the process that just produced the track for SeaWorld Orlando...[Read More]

Now on Facebook

Now on Facebook | Become a Fan!I now have a “Coaster Critic” Facebook page. I tried this well over a year ago, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a page versus a profile. For some reason Facebook just didn’t believe that “The Coaster Critic” was my real name. So finally, I took the time to figure it out and set up a page. It wasn’t hard, just not very h...[Read More]

Ring°Racer Video | World’s Fastest Coaster

New Ring°Racer Video Shows the World’s Fastest Coaster in Action Finally, more images and a video has been posted on the S&S web site of the Ring°Racer coaster coming to Nürburgring in Germany. It’s called ‘F1 Coaster’ on their web site, but there’s little doubt that this an animated video of Ring°Racer. When it opens in June 2009, it will surpass Six Flags Great ...[Read More]

2008 Theme Park Year In Review

Class of 2008 – Roller Coasters That Debuted This Year As predicted in my Top 10 New Roller Coasters for 2008, my top pick Ravine Flyer 2 opened to many positive reviews and it landed at 8 on my Top 10. Read my full review. I’m looking forward to seeing how it fairs in Mitch’s ’08 Coaster Poll next month. Canada’s Wonderland’s Behemoth also received a lot of pro...[Read More]

Vote in Coasterdom’s 2008 Coaster Web Awards

Vote in the 2008 Coaster Web AwardsThe award and polling season continues as voting is now open for Coasterdom's 2008 Coaster Web Awards. Last year, The Coaster Critic's Blog recieved the Best Theme Park Blog award. It would be great to repeat, but as you can see from my blog roll there are some great theme park blogs out there. Also, my other web site Coaster Portal is up f...[Read More]

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