Holiday World’s New Project Could be a Roller Coaster

Holiday World Joins the 2009 Tease-O-RamaHoliday World, located in Santa Claus, IN has a reputation as an enthusiast’s park. They officially announced their 2008 plans on YouTube last year, they’ve hosted the Golden Ticket Awards, and they even have park officials hanging out in coaster geek message boards. So, I won’t say that they’re followers by joining the current tease...[Read More]

Happy Roller Coaster Day

August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day On this day 110 years ago, Edwin Prescott patented a looping roller coaster. I hope you celebrated the day at a theme park riding your favorite roller coaster. I’m still recuperating from my tiring, but fun trip to California. I’ll be spending the day relaxing with family and celebrating my birthday. I found out a few years ago that I was born...[Read More]

Cedar Fair May Punt Great America to 49ers

Cedar Fair Looking to Sell California's Great AmericaThe story I first reported last October is rearing its ugly head again. The San Francisco 49ers have been planning a new professional football stadium for year. The proposed South Bay stadium would be built across the street from the 49ers training facilities and offices in a parking lot in Santa Clara, CA. Sounds like a perfect location rig...[Read More]

Fate of the Busch Parks Unknown

Sale of 10 Busch Theme Parks ‘Inevitable’, Likely to Foreign Company Forget the American tradition of Budweiser beer being owned by a European company, I’m more concerned about my favorite park chain. Financial analysts have said that the sale of Busch Entertainment’s theme parks inevitable. The Busch Parks include these theme parks and water parks: Busch Gardens Europe (Wi...[Read More]

Darien Lake & Waldameer Park Trip

Darien Lake & Waldameer Park Trip I'll be visiting Darien Lake this Thursday and Waldameer Park on Sunday. I'm looking forward to re-visiting Darien Lake now that PARC Management runs the park. I've heard good things and I'm anxious to see how different it is post-Six Flags. I'll also get to ride the coasters that I missed last time as well as the new Orange County Choppers...[Read More]

Decades Theme Park Coming to Arizona

Decades Rock ‘N’ Roll Theme Park to Rise from the Desert Phoenix, Arizona is one of the largest metropolitan areas without a major theme park. All of that may change as Decades Theme Park has just received $750 million in funding from the Arizona state government. Decades will be built between Phoenix and Tucson in Eloy, Arizona. “Governor Janet Napolitano’s approval late F...[Read More]

Wild West World Sold!

Wild West World Back in the Saddle with Plans to Reopen Wild West World has been sold in bankruptcy court for only $2.1 million. The Florida-based Amusement Holdings are the proud new owners of an amusement park. That’s pocket change for a park that could become a big winner in the Wichita, Kansas area. There’s even a possibility that the park will re-open this year. After only two mon...[Read More]

InBev Looks to Acquire Busch

Possible Beer Deal Could Rock the Theme Park IndustryBelgian brewer Inbev, (makers of the nasty tasting, but increasing popular Stella Artois) made a $46 billion dollar bid this week for Anheuser Busch. Why is this making news on The Coaster Critic’s Blog you ask? Well, Anheuser Busch is a major player in the theme park industry with two world-class parks in Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL) ...[Read More]

Magic Springs Sold to PARC Management

Arkansas Park Sold to PARC ManagementMagic Springs & Crystal Falls, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas has been sold to PARC Management LLC. In January 2007, PARC Management acquired seven former Six Flags parks as the company attempted slim down its business. A year ago, Magic Springs made national news when a power outage left riders suspended 150′ in the air on the X-Coaster. For joinin...[Read More]

Theme Park Bans PDAs

UK Park Alton Towers Bans PDAsAlton Towers is a park in England that’s home to some great roller coasters like the inverted coaster Nemesis and the world’s first dive coaster Oblivion. I thought that it was a little strange when I reported that Alton Towers was looking into weather control to help with rainy days affecting attendance, but now the park is banning guests from bringing PD...[Read More]

Alien Apex Theme Park Update

Alien Apex Theme Park Seeks Private InvestorsStrangely enough aliens have been in the news quite a bit recently. Earlier this week, Stan Romanek released an image from his video of an alien peering into his window. Not too long ago, the Vatican said it’s okay to believe in aliens. Add to that the appearance of aliens in a classic movie franchise featuring a guy with a whip and a hat. This is...[Read More]

Fire at Universal Studios Hollywood

Large Fire at Universal Studios HollywoodThis morning, a large fire started blazing its way through Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The fire began in a movie studio, but has also damaged the popular Cyclone ride in the theme park. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported yet. I’ll have more details as the story develops. More at Reuters. UPDATE – Westcoaster.n...[Read More]

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