Great America Gets New Coaster, New Name

Great America Gets New Lease on Life After rumors of selling Great America to Cedar Fair to the San Francisco 49ers, Cedar Fair did a complete 180. On the 25th, the company announced that via a press release that Great America will be renamed California’s Great America starting next year. At least this will help avoid any confusion with Six Flags Great America near Chicago. Also in 2008, the...[Read More]

New Projects in the Works

For a while now I’ve been in the lab working on a few new projects. In my surveying of the theme park web site landscape I found just a lot of the usual suspects. News sites, image sites, park fan sites, etc. My hope is that my new projects will help bring Web 2.0 to the online theme park community in a whole new way. Other than the message boards, I don’t see a lot of interactivity ou...[Read More]

49ers May Buy Great America

Pro Football Team May Buy Theme ParkThe San Francisco 49ers said they might be willing to buy Great America theme park next to its proposed new stadium in Santa Clara to resolve a parking dispute. Cedar Fair, the owners of Great America, planned to oppose the current plan for the new 49ers stadium because of a parking dispute. Team spokeswoman Lisa Lang said Cedar Fair recently informed the team o...[Read More]

Michigan’s Adventure Gets Thunderhawk in 2008

Cedar Fair Moves Thunderhawk to Michigan’s AdventureAnother roller coaster is on its way out of the soon-to-be coasterless Geauga Lake. The Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster Thunderhawk is going to be sent to another Cedar Fair park in Muskegon, MI known as Michigan’s Adventure. It’s a compact inverted coaster with five loops. They’re are dozens of Vekoma SLCs around the wor...[Read More]

Fahrenheit Heats Up Hersheypark in 2008

New Coaster FahrenheitWill Heat Up Hersheypark in 2008The details of Hershey’s new roller coaster have been released. It will be called Fahrenheit. It’s claim to fame will be a 97-degree drop which is beyond straight down. Way to upstage Griffon, Hershey! Fahrenheit FeaturesFahrenheit will have a straight up, 90-degree lift. Followed by an ultra-steep, record setting 97-degree drop whi...[Read More]

Geauga Lake Changes to Water Park

Geauga Lake to be Changed into a Water ParkCedar Fair announced today that Geauga Lake, an amusement park in Eastern Ohio, will be transformed into a water park. The proverbial writing was on the wall. As I reported in “Geauga Lake Loses More Coasters”, rumors of Cedar Fair moving Dominator and Thunderhawk to other parks have been making the rounds on the ‘Net. Roller Coasters on...[Read More]

Astroland Closes For Good

The Historic Brooklyn Park Appears to be Closing for GoodIt’s a sad day for theme park enthusiasts. New York City has been planning a new Coney Island for a few years and it looks like there’s no room for Astroland and in the plans. The developers plan to offer tourists a new park, hotel, restaurants and time-share units on 10 acres of land between West 10th and West 15th Streets and s...[Read More]

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather to Improve AttendanceAlton Towers, located in Staffordshire, England, is home to a world-class roller coaster in the B&M invert Nemesis, and other notable coasters like Oblivion, Air, & Rita Queen of Speed. The park is also home to some pretty dreary weather. Their looking to change all of that with the same cloud seeding technology that China is usin...[Read More]

Schmap Darien Lake Travel Guide

Recently I was contacted by They found one of my Flickr pictures and wanted to use it for their Buffalo Schmap Guide. I agreed and it’s been posted to their mini-review of Darien Lake. Check out the review here. I should probably let them know that Darien Lake is no longer a Six Flags park. Anyway, check out their site the next time you plan a vacation or trip to a new city.

Geauga Lake Loses More Roller Coasters

Is Cedar Fair Drying up the Lake?I have to give the Coasterdom podcast credit. Their last two shows have been jam-packed with juicy tidbits. Geauga Lake is a medium-sized amusement park located in Eastern Ohio and owned by Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair also owns Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH) and acquired Kings Island (Cincinnati, OH) last year. Maybe Cedar Fair thinks that Ohio’s a bit too crowded. La...[Read More]

Canada’s Wonderland | New Roller Coaster in 2008

Mysterious B&M Track Appears at Canada’s WonderlandCanadian coaster enthusiasts have a reason to get excited about 2008. Canada’s Wonderland, located near Toronto, will be announcing a new B&M roller coaster of some type on Monday, the 27th. ScreamScape has a covert pic of some bright yellow and red track, that’s unmistakably going to be part of a steel B&M roller c...[Read More]

Happy National Roller Coaster Day

Its National Roller Coaster Day! It’s August 16th, National Roller Coaster Day. Last year I found out not only was there a National Roller Coaster Day, but it happens to fall on my birthday. So celebrate by riding a coaster, reading your favorite theme park blog, or by sending one of these Roller Coaster Day eCards.

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