SheiKra’s Floorless Trains | Busch Garden Africa

SheiKra, America’s First Dive Machine Gets an Upgrade for ’07Soon, there will be no place to hide when you face SheiKra’s 20-story, 90-degree drop. Last week, Busch Gardens Africa unveilled SheiKra’s floorless trains at a press event. JohnnyUpsideDown has posted pictures from the event. On June 16, the Busch Gardens Africa will reintroduce SheiKra with the new floorless car...[Read More]

Darien Lake Under New Management

A First Look at an Ex-Six Flags ParkDarien Lake, which was acquired from Six Flags by PARC Management, has recieved a number of changes during its first season under new owners. There’s a new web site and an official new name, Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. The new site has video footage of the park and several of the attractions. Most notable changes include the addition of new shows, a new...[Read More]

Mayhem at Atlanta Six Flags

Free Admission Promo at Six Flags Over GeorgiaTurns into a Massive DebacleWhat appeared to be a smart move to gain some positive press turned into the exact opposite. A local radio station, Q100.5, had bought out Six Flags Over Georgia and planned to give away free admission between 6 am and 9 am on Thursday April 5th. The promotion had people lining up as early as 3:30am, some even spent the nigh...[Read More]

Hurricane at Myrtle Beach Demolished

Hurricane Joins the Roller Coaster ObituariesThe Myrtle Beach Pavilion will no longer be home to the CCI wooden coaster known as the Hurricane. For a while the coaster was for sale. You can see Hurricane’s listing here. And surprisingly, the young wooden coaster with an attractive sticker price, went unpurchased. As a result the ride has been levelled. Hurricane debuted at the Myrtle Beach P...[Read More]

What is a Floorless Coaster?

What is a Floorless Coaster? Floorless roller coasters first appeared on the scene with Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure in 1999. The steel seated looping coaster’s seven loops had been seen before, but it’s completely open train design was a first. Floorless trains (pictured to the right on Hydra) further enhance the rider’s sense of freedom, or fear depending on how you view...[Read More]

Alien Theme Park Coming to New Mexico

Alien Apex Theme Park to Invade RoswellEver since the 1947 UFO incident, Roswell, New Mexico has become synonomous with aliens. Enter, Byran Temmer, a man on a mission to build an alien-themed amusement park. Though, the park is still three to four years away, Bryan has some lofty goals for one of his roller coasters. In an interview he stated that he wants his alien abduction coaster to break thr...[Read More]

Coaster Critic’s Blog Enhancements for 2007

The Coaster Critic’s Blog is kicking off the 2007 season with a slew of enhancements: The return of Top 3 ThursdaysNew theme park reviewsNew roller coaster reviews with videosMore additions to Coasterology 101 Also, readers can request my next review by leaving a comment at the bottom of the Theme Park Reviews page or the Complete Ride List page. You can stay “tuned-in” by subscr...[Read More]

World’s Worst Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters at the Bottom of Mitch’s Poll It looks like I’m not alone in my disdain and disappointment for the Mean Streak at Cedar Point and the Predator at Darien Lake. Out of the 179 wooden roller coasters on Mitch’s Poll, Mean Streak ranked 171st and Predator ranked 173rd. Psyclone, which was recently removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain, came in at 178th, just missing t...[Read More]

SheiKra Goes Floorless For ’07

Busch Gardens Dive Coaster Receives Floorless TrainsFloorless trains (pictured to the right on Medusa) further enhance the riders sense of freedom or fear depending on how you view it. Bolliger & Mabillard have designed their train cars in such a way that you’re basically sitting in a chair (with restraints) with your feet dangling above the track. They seldom produce standard seated lo...[Read More]

Coasters Removed from Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain to Lose Two From Its Mega LineupTwo roller coasters are scheduled to be removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain. Both Psyclone (a wooden coaster replica of the famous Coney Island Cyclone) and Flashback (the last remaining Intamin Space Diver) will both be dismantled in the coming weeks. Neither of these removals should come as a complete shock to coaster enthusiasts. RCDB reports tha...[Read More]

Wild Escape to Open in West Virgnia

Wild Escape Amusement Park Is Scheduled to Open in 2008The 100-acre Wild Escape resort will open in 2008 near Wheeling, West Virginia. The resort will include a full-scale theme park, indoor and outdoor water parks, and a hotel. Wild Escape will be part of the large development project known as “The Highlands.” Wheeling, WV is in the northwest part of the state. With its proximity to O...[Read More]

Six Flags Sells Seven Parks

Smaller Theme Parks and Water Parks Are Cut from Snyder’s RosterIn an attempt to reduce debt, Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins owner and Chairman of the board at Six Flags) has sold seven Six Flags theme parks. If the sale goes through, Jacksonville-based PARC 7F will get the parks for the price of $312 million. The seven parks are: Darien Lake (Buffalo, NY), Elitch Gardens (Denver, CO), F...[Read More]

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