Orlando Thrill Park’s Coaster Lineup Looks Insane

More Details on the Proposed Orlando Thrill Park A few weeks ago plans for a proposed Orlando Thrill Park were unveiled. While Orlando is known for the family-oriented Disney parks, the people behind a new thrill-focused park are hoping that that kind of attraction could be a success in the O-Town as well. Thrill Park investors must think that there could be room for a straight thrill park. Recent...[Read More]

Creepy Images & Video of Six Flags New Orleans | Abandoned Amusement Parks

Six Flags New Orleans | Abandoned Amusement Parks It’s always sad to see abandoned amusement parks. And other times it’s also downright creepy. The defunct Six Flags New Orleans falls into the latter category. WebUrbanist has a ton of really creepy images from inside the park. The thing that makes the images so disturbing is how the park was so abruptly abandoned. Usually defunct parks...[Read More]

TPS Report: Orlando Thrill Park, Ferrari World Formula Rossa Video & More

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I figured that I’d get you caught up on some of the latest news. Here’s a summary of the biggest stories in the theme park World recently. These were the top stories being clicked on at Theme Park Syndicate – The World’s First Theme Park News Aggregator. Rip Ride Rockit is Rocking Again Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit had been closed for a...[Read More]

Green Lantern Coaster & The Coaster Crown Are Coming to Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain has tipped their hand via a YouTube video that touts their 2011 plans.

Bert the Conqueror Season 2 Wants You

Intimidator 305 & Griffon to be Featured on Season 2 of Bert the Conqueror Recently, I found out that Bert the Conqueror has been renewed for another season and filming is already underway. Next weekend, the show will be filming at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens and they’re looking for riders, but not just any riders. They’re looking for two types of riders or personalities to po...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Accident Injures 10 at Knott’s Berry Farm

There was an accident Thursday night on Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA). The family-oriented launch coaster begins with a relatively tame 38 mph launch up a short hill. The night of the accident, the departing train was not able to climb the hill and rolled back into the station striking another train that was in the station. More from KTLA: According to Orange County Fir...[Read More]

Lake Arrowhead Amusement Park Is Haunted

She was abandoned and alone. As she scanned the large, dimly lit, room eerie figures surrounded her. If it wasn’t for the moonlight filtering through cracks in the old building it would be pitch black. She couldn’t decide if she’d be better off not seeing anything, or if the grotesque mannequins and mechanized ghouls were, in a strange way, comforting. “See. Everything here...[Read More]

Busch Gardens Williamsburg | 2011 Drop Tower & 2012 Roller Coaster

I meant to write this post last weekend, but I’ve had an insane last couple of days. So, this is by no means breaking news anymore. Last Saturday, Busch Gardens Williamsburg released details of their 2011 and 2012 plans at a season pass holder event. As rumors suggested, the Euro-themed park will be getting a drop tower in 2011, but also a new roller coaster in 2012. In typical Busch Gardens...[Read More]

WindSeekers Announced for Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott’s & Canada’s Wonderland

Four WindSeekers To Debut at Cedar Fair Parks in 2011 Anyone monitoring Theme Park Syndicate on Tuesday might have thought they were experiencing deja vu. All afternoon theme park news sites and blogs were reporting on announcement after announcement as Cedar Fair announced the addition of  a new ride called WindSeeker at Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott’s Berry Farm, & Canada’s Wo...[Read More]

Happy Roller Coaster Day & USA Today’s 10 Roller Coasters

Happy National Roller Coaster Day! Today’s National Roller Coaster Day. On August 16th of 1898, Edwin Prescott submitted a patent for a looping roller coaster. And, in some strange twist of fate, today’s also my birthday. Since I’ve found out this weird coincidence I’ve had a hard time convincing some people that I didn’t create the holiday so that it coincided with m...[Read More]

11 Rumored Roller Coasters & Attractions for 2011

UPDATE – See my Top 10 Picks for the Best New 2011 Roller Coasters: Part 1 & Part 2 Also, for a recap of previous year’s new roller coasters, check out my New for 2009 | New Roller Coasters for 2010 page. It’s the time of the year when theme park fans turn into detectives. We scour the Web for documents from public hearings, take pictures of pavement and dirt and proudly uplo...[Read More]

Roller Coaster For Sale: Still No Buyers for the Big Dipper

Big Dipper is the sole survivor of the now defunct Geauga Lake Amusement Park in North Eastern Ohio. In 2007, Cedar Fair closed the amusement park while keeping the adjacent water park, Wildwater Kingdom, open. Several of the park’s largest roller coasters found new homes and others were scrapped. Thunderhawk migrated to Michigan’s Adventure, Head Spin transformed into Carolina Cobra a...[Read More]

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