Blackstone Buys Busch Gardens & SeaWorld Parks for $2.3 Billion

Blackstone Buys Busch Gardens & SeaWorld Parks for $2.3 Billion The proverbial writing has been on the wall ever since InBev purchased Anheuser-Busch last year. The Belgian brewer planned to sell A-B’s theme parks as they were not the companies core business; brewing beer. After months of speculation, U.S. equity firm Blackstone has stepped forward to purchase Busch Entertainment Corpora...[Read More]

New Orleans to Get Nickelodeon Universe for 2010-11

Nickelodeon Universe Coming to Former Six Flags New Orleans While Nickelodeon branded rides and attractions are leaving several Cedar Fair parks like Carowinds and Kings Dominion, the company will be opening its largest theme park in a rebirth of the former Six Flags New Orleans and Jazzland park. That theme park has been closed since Hurricane Katrina caused damaged it in August 2005. Nickelodeon...[Read More]

Halloween 2009: Fright Fest, Horror Nights, Haunts & More

Theme Parks Get Spooky with Halloween 2009 Transformations This month, theme parks across the country will be sporting a much darker, and macabre appearance. The undead creatures of the night and villains from horror movies like Saw will invade your local park. During weekends in the month of October, many parks around the country transform with Halloween-themed events like Six Flags’ popula...[Read More]

Six Flags Over Georgia Under Water

The Atlanta Floods Put Six Flags Over Georgia Under Water The recent unforgiving rains have caused havok in Atlanta over the past few days. The heavy rains have resulted in floods, mudslides, tons of trapped residents that have had to be rescued, and unfortunately a handful of deaths. This sounds like a complete disaster for the area. The rains are supposed to be lighter today, so hopefully things...[Read More]

Xcelerator Accident @ Knotts Berry Farm

Xcelerator Accident @ Knotts Berry Farm In a pretty scary accident, a cable on the Xcelerator at Knotts Berry Farm snapped injuring two riders. Making the incident even worse for the Los Angeles area park, a video of the accident was posted on YouTube and it’s “gone viral”. Xcelerator is a launch coaster sending riders from 0 to 82 mph in 2.5 seconds. Immediately after the launch...[Read More]

2009 Golden Ticket Awards | Best Roller Coasters

2009 Golden Ticket Awards: Best Roller Coasters of 2009 Once again, Amusement Today has announced the winners of their annual Golden Ticket Awards. Here are the lists of the top wooden and steel coasters based on the votes received by the industry publication. Golden Ticket Awards – Top Wooden Coasters of 2009 There’s not usually a whole lot of movement in the annual top ten. But, this...[Read More]

Cedar Point & Holiday World Add Water Rides for 2010

Cedar Point’s Shoot the Rapids Yesterday, Cedar Point announced “Shoot The Rapids” their new water ride for 2010. The park’s many hints and clues via their OnPoint blog and social media sites seemed to hint to a roller coaster. But as with Holiday World’s 2009 Pilgrim Plunge, it seems like parks are starting to hype up and tease even non-roller coasters these days. I ...[Read More]

The Disney-Marvel Purchase & Islands of Adventure

Will Spidey Be Climbing Disney’s Castle? Are the Heroes Leaving IOA? File this one under: “No one saw it coming”. Yesterday, Disney announced that they were planning to buy Marvel for $4 billion. In case you’re not into comics or haven’t been in a theater for the last decade or so, the Marvel brand includes popular super heroes like: Spider-Man, the X-Men, Wolverine, ...[Read More]

Busch Gardens Offers Roller Coaster Tours

Busch Gardens Roller Coaster Tours Offer One-of-A-Kind Experience In an effort to find new ways to generate revenue, Busch Gardens is offering an unbelievable experience for die hard roller coaster enthusiasts. At both the Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia parks guests can get a behind-the-scenes look at how these thrill machines tick and get a whole new perspective from places very few ev...[Read More]

Riders Stranded on Invertigo Coaster for Hours

Riders Stranded on Invertigo at California’s Great America Yesterday, 24 riders found themselves stuck on Invertigo at California’s Great America (Santa Clara, CA) for over four hours. The inverted shuttle coaster features trains fixed below the ride’s steel track. The ride begins with the 28 passenger train being pulled up out of the back of the station and into the ride’s...[Read More]

Theme Park News Round Up

I don’t typically do general news updates, but there’s been a lot of developments in the past few weeks that I haven’t written about due to all the traveling. Here’s a brief theme park news round up. Cedar Point Teases 2010 Attraction – Possible 18th Roller Coaster On the Way Somehow Cedar Point has found some room for another attraction on their crowded peninsula on ...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic Meets The Cyclone – NYC Trip

This year for my birthday trip, I’m headed to New York City to ride the legendary Coney Island Cyclone. While I’m in the area I’m also checking out Rye Playland. In true Coaster Critic fashion I’m going to cram it all into one day. Hopefully my subway, train, and city bus research pays off. This trip is really more about the experience than the number of new coasters. For r...[Read More]

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