Early Texas Giant Reviews & a POV Video

UPDATE 4/24 – The New Texas Giant has arrived! I rode it on opening day and I have to say that it definitely lived up to the hype. Check out my full Texas Giant review.     The new Texas Giant, one of 2011’s most anticipated coasters, was open today for a select group of riders participating in a film shoot at Six Flags Over Texas. The 20-year-old woodie that had a reputation...[Read More]

What Will Mt. Olympus’ 2012 Roller Coaster Be?

Could Mt. Olympus Be Building a Flying Roller Coaster? I bring forth (once again) that Mt. Olympus has stated that they’ll build a major attraction for the 2012 season. Back in mid-December, they posted on their Facebook page that a major attraction is coming. With the announcemnt, the words “THINK BIG” and “FLY” were capitalized. So at the moment, I’m speculati...[Read More]

Thorpe Park Could Get a B&M Wingrider Coaster

Bolliger & Mabillard have made many ingenious roller coasters over the years. Their newest type of ride is a coaster that’s similar to a 4th Dimension coaster (see X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain). They made one at Gardaland in Italy called Raptor, although the seats don’t flip, there are rumors that B&M are testing real world data before they make a full 4D coaster. Thorpe Park...[Read More]

Nickelodeon Universe’s Super Bowl Commercial

Allegedly there was a Nickelodeon Universe commercial during the Super Bowl tonight. I say allegedly because I didn’t see it. I was playing catch up all night on my DVR. Watching live sports isn’t usually an option with my two young kids. Anyway, I had to fast-forward my way through a few commercial breaks so I must’ve missed this commercial that Prof. BAM submitted via my new (Y...[Read More]

Superman Escape From Krypton Test Video

Superman The Escape (now Escape From Krypton) at Six Flags Magic Mountain in SoCal has recently received a major renovation. Just like its twin in Australia (Dreamworld’s Tower Of Terror 2), the cars themselves have been turned backwards. Riders are now accelerated backwards at 101 M.P.H in just 7 seconds. Making it the Worlds fastest backwards roller coaster. Watch this video of Superman...[Read More]

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