Below you’ll find information on the major roller coasters set to debut in 2010. I’ll be updating this page with links to the latest updates on next year’s best new roller coasters. Stay tuned. 

Also, for a recap of this year’s new roller coasters, check out my New for 2009 page. 

Intimidator 305 | Kings Dominion – Doswell, Virginia
Intimidator 305's Layout | Kings Dominion 2010Kings Dominion will unveil Intimidator 305 in 2010. It’s a fitting name because it will be more than 30 stories tall at 305′. Furthermore, the Intimidator 305 name reflects the ride’s NASCAR theming as its name is borrowed from “the most beloved and tenacious driver,” Dale Earnhardt Sr. The ride’s red steel track will change the skyline of Kings Dominion with a lift hill taller than the 275′ observation deck of the park’s Eiffel Tower replica. Watch an on-ride video and read reviews and comments about Intimidator 305

Intimidator | Carowinds – Charlotte, North Carolina
Intimidator's Airtime Hills - Carowinds 2010It’s official, Intimidator will dominate Carowinds skyline in 2010. At 232′ (23 stories), this massive new coaster will be the longest, tallest, and fastest in the South East. It’s also Bolliger & Mabillard’s tallest roller coaster in the U.S. Intimidator will speed its black Chevy Monte Carlo themed trains in excess of 75 mph. Continue reading about Intimidator at Carowinds.
4/27 – Read my review of Intimidator

Sky Rocket | Kennywood – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kennywood Announces 2010 Launch CoasterThis one came out of nowhere. Today, Kennywood (located near Pittsburgh, PA) announced their 2010 roller coaster. The yet-to-be named ride will be a steel launch coaster with a 0 to 50 mph launch in less than three seconds launch and three loops. Read more about Kennywood’s 2010 roller coaster.
12/9 – Kennywood’s New Coaster Named: Sky Rocket 

Thirteen | Alton Towers – Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
Thirteen Coming to Alton Towers in 2010Alton Towers has announced the name of their 2010 roller coaster previously referred to as SW6 or Secret Weapon 6. The Intamin-designed ride will be called Thirteen and it will have a dark, horror-like theme. The theme will be so dark that riders will have meet age restrictions and sign a waiver before riding. Because of the intense theming, the ride has been branded as a “Psychoaster”. Read more about Thirteen at Alton Towers

Mr. Six’s Dance Coaster | Six Flags Magic Mountain – Valencia, California
Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro announced last year that Six Flags Magic Mountain would get a new kiddie/family roller coaster for 2010. With the addition of this roller coaster, Magic Mountain will be tied at 17 roller coasters with Cedar Point. Mr. Six’s Dance Coaster will be themed after the company’s mascot, that dancing old guy, Mr. Six. Read more about Magic Mountain’s 2010 roller coasterUPDATE: Mr. Six’s Dance Coaster has been delayed until 2011. LA Times Funland Blog has more.

Little Dipper | Six Flags Great America – Gurnee, Illinois
Little Dipper Coming to Six Flags Great AmericaSix Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL) is saving Little Dipper, a historic wooden roller coaster from nearby Kiddieland Amusement Park. Kiddieland operated in the Melrose Park area for 80 years until it closed earlier this year. Read more about Little Dipper.

Joris en de Draak | Efteling – Netherlands
The Netherlands will get a twin racing wooden coaster designed by Great Coasters International (GCI) at Efteling. Joris en de Draak is Dutch for “George and the Dragon”. Riders will choose either a “Water” or “Vuur” (Dutch for fire) train. Read more about Joris en de Draak

Battlestar Galactica | Universal Studios Singapore – Sentosa, Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore opened recently with a launched dueling coaster in the space-themed BattlestarGalactica. Riders can choose either a traditional sit down style “Human” train or an inverted “Cylon” train. The inverted track offers the more intense path with five loops (cobra roll, corkscrew, vertical loop, & an in-line twist). The seated track is being promoted as more family friendly with small drops, twists, and turns. Read more about the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster

 F1 Coaster | Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi
2009’s RingRacer was notable for its location at a popular race track in Germany and for its record-setting speed. Soon after it opened, it closed and is set to re-open this year. Meanwhile, at the new Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, F1 Coaster will take the speed record to a new level. The Intamin-designed F1 Coaster will be capable of 150 mph although officials from the park have said that they might operate it at lower speeds. Read more about F1 Coasterat Ferrari World.

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