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Wordless Wednesday | Make More of These Please

More on Disk’O Rides: Thoughts on Cedar Point’s New 2014 Rides See all Featured Photo & Wordless Wednesday posts

POV Monday – X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain Video

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2 is one of the most extreme roller coasters around. Seated in 4th dimension roller coaster trains, riders are rotated in diff...

Theme Parks with the Most Roller Coasters

Theme Parks with the Most Roller Coasters If you’re wondering which theme parks have the most roller coasters, I’ve updated a list that includes all...

The Peanuts vs The Looney Tunes | Theme Park Showdowns

Both Six Flags and Cedar Fair cater to their youngest guests with separate children’s areas offering kiddie rides and more gentle family rides. These area...

Wordless Wednesday – The Scariest Ride at Tweetsie Railroad

More Family Getaway: Tweetsie Railroad Review See all Featured Photo & Wordless Wednesday posts

POV Monday | Maverick at Cedar Point

Cedar Point’s Maverick is high on my most wanted roller coasters list. While I’ve been to the park, it was years before Maverick was built. Video Hi...

The Tallest Roller Coasters in the World

What are the tallest roller coasters in the World? I’m kicking off Superlative Sundays with one of the most popular roller coaster records, height. The ta...

Announcing Four New Weekly Post Series

When I announced that I was going to close the site, I mentioned that I really wanted to finish well and have some fun with the site before it’s over. One...


Dueling Dragons – Fire Dragon | Coaster Reviews

Dueling Dragons | Fire Dragon @ Islands of Adventure The Dueling Dragons is a popular dueling roller coaster at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. It consists of a red (Fire) track and a blue (Ice) track. The inverted tracks share a lift hill, but after that their layouts are unique. They boa...

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