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Predator @ Darien Lake | Coaster Reviews

Darien Lake & Predator offer that New York charm On a trip to my wife’s home park in Western NY, I got to experience what Darien Lake had to offer. Th...

Cedar Point: Coaster Heaven or Coaster Hype

I’m a quality over quantity guy so I’m not impressed with Cedar Point’s 16, count ’em, 16 coasters. More doesn’t impress me, bette...

What’s in a Name?

Early coaster names were often named after animals or weather events like the Wild Cat and the Twister. I’m sure originality was a problem back in the Gol...

Coaster Reviews & How I Rate Coasters

Okay, so I take ratings and reviews way too seriously. I admit it. I read reviews on,, Consumer Reports, Car and Driver and Richar...


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