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Why Not Be Impulsive?

Why Not Be Impulsive?  The impulse coaster is a model manufactured by Intamin, inverted and featuring multiple launches.   There are currently five installation...

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New Roller Coasters

New Wooden Coaster, Oscar’s Wacky Taxi is Coming to Sesame Place

Sesame Place (Langhorne, PA) announced a new wooden roller coaster for 2018 called Oscar’s Wacky Taxi. Designed by Gravity Group, the ride will feature yellow, taxi cab-inspired trains with Oscar the Grouch at the head of the train. My Take – Wacky Taxi Should Be An Excellent Wooden Coas...


Review: Jet Star 2 at Lagoon

Overview Jet Star 2 is a steel family coaster located at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah.  One of two Schwarzkopf coasters in the park (the other is Colossus The Fire Dragon), it initially operated at the 1974 World’s Fair in Spokane, WA before being relocated to Lagoon. Layout and Element...

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