Griffon Construction Photos from Busch Gardens

New Griffon Construction Photos from Busch is on top of the Griffon’s development in the off-season. In case you haven’t heard, Busch Gardens Europe (formerly BG Williamsburg), is building the U.S.’s second diving coaster and the park’s first coaster in seven years. It will be similar to SheiKra at Busch’s sister park in Tampa, FL. Griffon will off...[Read More]

2006 – 2007 Theme Park Shuffle Part 1

During the off-season, several parks will be preparing to open or reopen in 2007. Ghost Town in the Sky, located in Western North Carolina, has been closed since 2002. After literally being a ‘ghost town’ for four years the park is expected to reopen in 2007. The park’s largest coaster is Red Devil a steel looping coaster made by Hopkins. The location in the mountains looks gorge...[Read More]

Renegade in 2007 at Valleyfair!

Valleyfair! Adds New Wooden Hybrid Coaster in 2007Renegade will join a short list of new wooden coasters opening in 2007. Valleyfair!, located in Shakopee, MN outside of Minneapolis, is a medium-sized amusement park operated by Cedar Fair. The park will open its first new wooden coaster in 30 years with Renegade. It looks to be the largest and most ambitious wooden coaster to open next year. Reneg...[Read More]

Cedar Point Announces Maverick Coaster

The Park Announces Details of Its 17th CoasterCedar Point, the self-proclaimed Coaster Capital of the World, has been working on a new coaster for 2007. The park has a track record of erecting jaw-dropping, record breakers. It’s been home to the speed and height world record holders four times. In 1989 with Magnum XL-200, in 1991 with Mean Streak, in 2000 with Millennium Force, and again in ...[Read More]

Busch Releases Griffon Coaster Details

Busch Gardens Europe (formerly Busch Gardens Williamsburg) located in Williamsburg, VA, has finally released details about its newest coaster. The coaster enthusiast community has been eagerly waiting for the details on the park’s first coaster in eight years. Busch Gardens Europe has a reputation of installing world-class coasters and some of the best-themed attractions for a seasonal park....[Read More]

Griffon to Soar Over Busch Gardens Europe

Details are starting to surface about Busch Gardens Europe’s (Williamsburg, VA) newest coaster in seven years. According to a trademark filed earlier this month, the new 200+ foot tall coaster could be named Griffon. According to Wikipedia, a Griffon is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. This fits with the park’s tradition in naming their c...[Read More]

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