Led Zeppelin Coaster Test Video

Hard Rock Park’s Led Zeppelin Coaster | Test VideoI found this test video of the new Hard Rock Park’s Led Zeppelin Coaster on YouTube: What do you think of the Led Zeppelin Coaster? Do you have plans on visiting the new park? Leave a comment below.

Steel Hawg @ Indiana Beach | 2008 Roller Coasters

S&S and Indiana Beach Team for a Landmark Coaster in Steel HawgJust when I was thinking that there wasn’t anything too interesting in the Class of 2008, Indiana Beach drops a bomb shell of an announcement. On Monday, the park announced Steel Hawg on their Crow’s Nest blog. Steel Hawg will be an S&S steel looping coaster with numerous one-of-a-kind elements. Its based on the El ...[Read More]

Voodoo Site with Construction Photos

Construction Photos | Voodoo Coaster at Dorney ParkDorney has created a pretty slick site and cool logo for their new Voodoo roller coaster set to open in 2008. Voodoo is the launched shuttle coaster that Cedar Fair moved from Geauga Lake to Dorney earlier this year. Check out the site for downloads, fresh construction pics, a web cam and more. Official Voodoo Site

Pony Express @ Knott’s Berry | 2008 Coasters

Pony Express to be World’s First Horse Coaster?The announcements for new roller coasters just keep on coming. Yesterday, Cedar Fair released a press release detailing the $88 million dollars in expenditures for 2008. Most of the additions were old news. The $21 million investment for Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland is the highlight, but it also mentions Thunderhawk at Michigan’s ...[Read More]

X2 @ Six Flags Magic Mountain Announced

Six Flags Unveils Sequel Coaster | X2 for 2008X at Magic Mountain was the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster. Instead of riding above or below the track, riders are positioned beside the track in seats that spin. Here’s a really good look at one of X’s trains. If that doesn’t sound insane enough, Six Flags is taking X2 to the 5th dimension(?) with $10 million dollar...[Read More]

Dominator @ Kings Dominion | New Coaster for 2008

Kings Dominion Adds Dominator for 2008Another Geauga Lake orphan has found a new home. Today, the official announcement was made that the B&M floorless coaster Dominator will dominate the Kings Dominion skyline next year. An Inviting Concrete SettingIn true Kings Dominion fashion the ride will be located on top of the existing park instead of in the acres and acres of untouched wilderness surr...[Read More]

New Coaster Rumored for Cedar Point in 2008

Cedar Point Rumored to Add its 436th Coaster in 2008Okay. We get it already Cedar Point, you have a ton of roller coasters! But they just can’t seem to control themselves. There’s nothing confirmed yet, but according to a few different sources Cedar Point’s blog OnPoint! has hinted at a new attraction for 2008. With the closing of Geauga Lake, and subsequent homeless coasters, en...[Read More]

Michigan’s Adventure Gets Thunderhawk in 2008

Cedar Fair Moves Thunderhawk to Michigan’s AdventureAnother roller coaster is on its way out of the soon-to-be coasterless Geauga Lake. The Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster Thunderhawk is going to be sent to another Cedar Fair park in Muskegon, MI known as Michigan’s Adventure. It’s a compact inverted coaster with five loops. They’re are dozens of Vekoma SLCs around the wor...[Read More]

New Roller Coaster for Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2008

Well Traveled B&M Coaster Will Resurface at San Antonio Six FlagsRoller coasters designed by Bolliger & Mabillard are some of the most popular and successful on the planet. They deliver smooth, but thrilling rides, have great capacity that keeps queues moving and are almost always crowd-pleasers. For these reasons, until this year, only one B&M coaster had ever been relocated. It was a...[Read More]

Evel Knievel Coaster @ Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis will Introduce Evel Knievel Coaster in 2008 Six Flags St. Louis will follow up this year’s Tony Hawk’s Big Spin coaster with its second new roller coaster in 2 years. In 2008, they will introduce their ninth coaster named after the daredevil Evel Knievel. Great Coasters International has designed the wooden twister that’s reminiscent of the Wildcat at Hersheyp...[Read More]

Dark Knight Roller Coasters Invade Six Flags Parks

Dark Knight Roller Coasters Swoop into Six Flags in 2008Six Flags looks to mass produce (well mass produce in coaster terms) a new indoor roller coaster for three of its parks. In 2008, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ), Six Flags New England (Springfield, MA), and Six Flags Great America (Chicago, IL) will get Mack Wild Mouse coasters enclosed in a Batman themed building.The Name GameNormal...[Read More]

Fahrenheit Heats Up Hersheypark in 2008

New Coaster FahrenheitWill Heat Up Hersheypark in 2008The details of Hershey’s new roller coaster have been released. It will be called Fahrenheit. It’s claim to fame will be a 97-degree drop which is beyond straight down. Way to upstage Griffon, Hershey! Fahrenheit FeaturesFahrenheit will have a straight up, 90-degree lift. Followed by an ultra-steep, record setting 97-degree drop whi...[Read More]

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