InBev Looks to Acquire Busch

Possible Beer Deal Could Rock the Theme Park IndustryBelgian brewer Inbev, (makers of the nasty tasting, but increasing popular Stella Artois) made a $46 billion dollar bid this week for Anheuser Busch. Why is this making news on The Coaster Critic’s Blog you ask? Well, Anheuser Busch is a major player in the theme park industry with two world-class parks in Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL) ...[Read More]

Kumba @ Busch Gardens Africa | Coaster Reviews

Kumba @ Busch Gardens Africa | World’s Best Looping Coaster? Strap in for a ride on the best steel looper on the planet. I’ve reviewed the rest of my top ten, for my 300th post I figured it’d be fitting if I reviewed my favorite roller coaster. These days there’s nothing special about a roller coaster with seven loops. The way Kumba at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL) integ...[Read More]

Most Visited Theme Parks of 2007

Most Visited Theme Parks in North AmericaHave you ever wondered which parks have the highest attendance? Recently, the Themed Entertainment Association and Economics Research Associates released their Attraction Attendance Report for 2007. The majority of the most visited parks are in warmer climates and as such, they are open year round. The first seasonal park was Canada’s Wonderland which...[Read More]

Montu’s Egyptian Trenches | Coaster Moments

Montu’s Egyptian-Themed Trenches | Memorable Coaster MomentsFly through Egyptian-themed trenches like you’re Luke Skywalker making that famous attack on the Death Star on Montu at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL). I’m no historian when it comes to BGA, but it appears to me that Montu was added to the park in a flat area close to the entrance that may have been a part of the parki...[Read More]

Busch Opens Mega Theme Park in Dubai

Busch to Open New Theme Park in DubaiThis week Busch announced that they’ll be building a new mega theme park in Dubai. That city is literally growing overnight into a metropolis. I reported last month that Sega’s also adding a theme park in Dubai. It will be at the base of the building that will become that tallest in the world. Busch’s new park will include SeaWorld, Busch Gard...[Read More]

Drachen Fire @ Busch Gardens | Defunct Roller Coasters

A Look Back at the Legendary Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Drachen Fire was an infamous roller coaster that lived in the Rhineland, Germany section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg from 1992 to 1998. While it had a short run, it’s easily one of the most well-known defunct coasters in past years. I will relay the background story I’ve seen several times on the coaster enthusiast circuit. I...[Read More]

Kids Banned from Busch Gardens for Griffon Stunt

Stunt Results in 2 Year Ban from Busch Gardens EuropeTwo college kids were banned from Busch Gardens Europe after they were accused of tampering with the park’s new roller coaster, Griffon. One of them was stuck in his restraint holding up the line and the two full trains waiting to be unloaded. Meanwhile, the other taped the incident with his cell phone. Sounds innocent enough until Busch r...[Read More]

Griffon vs SheiKra | Roller Coaster Showdown

SheiKra vs. Griffon: Dive Coaster Showdown Comparisons between America’s two dive coasters, Busch Gardens Africa’s SheiKra and Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon are inevitable. From the time Busch announced Griffon’s details enthusiasts the debate began. Theming Busch did an excellent job integrating Griffon into New France. The station, landscaping, and shops of were all comp...[Read More]

Griffon @ Busch Gardens Europe | Roller Coaster Reviews

Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon Soars Busch Gardens Europe has unveiled their first new roller coaster since 1999. The long-awaited addition, introduces America’s second dive coaster. With SheiKra, at sister park Busch Gardens Africa, being the first. I rode SheiKra not long after it opened in 2005 and I was a little underwhelmed. So, I was nervous when my favorite park announced it was...[Read More]

SheiKra Featured on Discovery Channel

SheiKra will be featured on Discovery Channel’s show BUILD IT BIGGER, which premieres Tuesday, July 10th at 10 PM (ET/PT). In the show, they refer to Sheikra as the world’s tallest dive coaster. I’m sure it was at the time they filmed, but since late May that title has been transfered to Griffon. Speaking of Griffon, I will finally get a chance to ride it tomorrow. Expect a full ...[Read More]

SheiKra Reopens With Floorless Trains

SheiKra 2.0 Opens With Floorless TrainsNow that Griffon has opened as the world’s first floorless dive roller coaster. SheiKra at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa), is reopening with shiny, new floorless trains. In conjunction with the opening, BGA launched a cool new SheiKra site Dare2Compare. Check out my full review of SheiKra. Photo courtesy of Busch Gardens Africa.Anyone looking forward to t...[Read More]

Discounts on Theme Park Tickets

Theme Park Discount CouponsEveryone loves a deal right? At CVS drugstores and Giant grocery stores, I’ve been able to find coupons to several theme parks in the Mid-Atlantic. I’m sure you can find similar coupons at a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or drugstore near you.Kings Dominion – Doswell, VAI found a Kings Dominion coupon for $7 off a single-day ticket at a Giant gro...[Read More]

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