Riders Stranded on Invertigo Coaster for Hours

Riders Stranded on Invertigo at California’s Great America Yesterday, 24 riders found themselves stuck on Invertigo at California’s Great America (Santa Clara, CA) for over four hours. The inverted shuttle coaster features trains fixed below the ride’s steel track. The ride begins with the 28 passenger train being pulled up out of the back of the station and into the ride’s...[Read More]

Cedar Fair May Punt Great America to 49ers

Cedar Fair Looking to Sell California's Great AmericaThe story I first reported last October is rearing its ugly head again. The San Francisco 49ers have been planning a new professional football stadium for year. The proposed South Bay stadium would be built across the street from the 49ers training facilities and offices in a parking lot in Santa Clara, CA. Sounds like a perfect location rig...[Read More]

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