Live Tweets from the Carolina Cobra Opening

This Friday: Live Updates from Carowinds Carolina Cobra Event   This Friday morning I’ll be tweeting live from the Carolina Cobra Media Day. So follow me on Twitter to get all of the live updates. I’m not a texter and don’t have unlimited texting, so I will be using SpinVox to send out my tweets. SpinVox is a service that translates voice mail messages into Facebook status update...[Read More]

Carolina Cobra & A Carowinds 2009 Report

Carolina Cobra & A Carowinds 2009 Update Carowinds recently posted pictures of Carolina Cobra’s new, unique train. Next month, when Carolina Cobra opens it will be the only Vekoma boomerang coaster in the U.S. with these open over-the-shoulder restraints. The rough ride that these shuttle coasters sometimes have may be remedied by these new restraints. Carolina Cobra Media Day My first t...[Read More]

2009 Construction Updates – Diamondback, Terminator & More

Coaster Construction Updates – Diamondback, Prowler, & MoreCarowind’s relocated boomerang coaster, Carolina Cobra is coming along nicely. The park’s mini site for the new attraction has tons of photos and even a live web cam, likely perched from the park’s observation tower. As Carowinds is my home park I’m looking forward to reporting on whether or not the coaste...[Read More]

Carolina Cobra Coming to Carowinds

Carolina Cobra Will Strike Carowinds in 2009 Carowinds officially announced the details of their new-ish Vekoma Boomerang. The roller coaster, formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake, will be called Carolina Cobra. For a theme park dead center in the middle of the Carolinas it’s not a bad name. Vekoma Boomerangs are shuttle coasters that are a dime a dozen, but at least the Carolina Cobra will hav...[Read More]

Carowinds Removing Super Saturator

Carowinds Removes Super Saturator for 2009 Roller CoasterMy roving reporter Judy has sent in some photos of the ride’s construction. As I reported, the relocated Geauga Lake shuttle coaster will be placed where the Flying Super Saturator is now. The park is already taking down the Super Saturator as you can see from these photos. Judy said that its pieces are being piled up outside the park,...[Read More]

Mysterious Box Appears at Carowinds

Mysterious Box Appears at Carowinds, Teasing 2009 Roller CoasterScreamScape has pretty much confirmed the rumors that Carowinds (located near Charlotte, NC) will be getting a relocated Vekoma Boomerang next year. The coaster is shuttle coaster that was formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake. Now a box has mysteriously appeared at the park’s entrance. Like, Cedar Fair did with Kings Island’s...[Read More]

Boomerang Coaster Coming to Carowinds

Relocated Boomerang Coaster Coming to Carowinds in 2009ScreamScape has pretty much confirmed the rumors that Carowinds will be getting a relocated Vekoma Boomerng next year. The coaster is shuttle coaster that was formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake. As with several other Geauga coasters, Head Spin will find a new home at another Cedar Fair park. Someone came across a construction company’s jo...[Read More]

What’s In A Name? Part Two

The Name Game: The Latest Coaster Name Changes Happening in 2008 Former Paramount Parks Lose Movie Licensed Names, ThemingDon’t be surprised if you return to your park this summer and find that the names of a few attractions have changed. The five former Paramount Parks that have been purchased by Cedar Fair went into the final stage of their acquisition which meant the renaming of rides nam...[Read More]

Bondi Beach @ Carowinds Web Cam

Bondi Beach Web Cam | CarowindsCarowinds is my new home park now that I’ve moved to Charlotte, NC. For 2008 they’ll be adding a wave pool. At 34,000 square feet, Bondi Beach will be the park’s second and largest wave pool. You can track Bondi’s progress via Carowinds’ web cams. The park is also adding a new ride called Yo Yo that Carowinds describes as a whirling swin...[Read More]

Scarowinds Trip Report Part 2

Scarowinds Trip Report Part 2 County FairThe County Fair section had the feel of a busy carnival. It was full of bright lights, music, and games that were actually attracting customers. It was also home to the wooden racing coaster Thunder Road. Normally, it races one train with forward facing cars and one train with backward facing cars. This night, only the forward facing side was operable. It h...[Read More]

Scarowinds Trip Report Part 1

Scarowinds Trip Report, Part 1Since it’s Halloween, I figured I’d recap my trip to Scarowinds, Carowinds Halloween event. I arrived at the park just before 7 PM. I was looking forward to returning to Carowinds both for some night rides and to ride a few coasters for the first time. I’d been to Carowinds back in 2004 with my fiancee, but we skipped a few coasters. Right away, I no...[Read More]

Carowinds Trip to Close Out ’07

Carowinds Trip Next WeekFor my final trip of the season I’m planning a return trip to Carowinds, my new home park here in Charlotte, NC. I went back in 2004 with my then fiancee. The park was full of clones and similar coasters so we skipped quite a few. Plus, BORG Assimilator had just opened and had an extremely long line. I’m looking forward to getting on the coasters we skipped: Hur...[Read More]

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