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Who Reads a Blog About Coasters? Using Google’s web analytics software Google Analytics, I’ve been able to track the usage of the The Coaster Critic’s Blog. By the way, if you have a web site or blog, I highly recommend GA. It’s easy to set up, has a ton of features, and it’s FREE. If you have any questions about it, feel free to drop me a line. A Little Name Dropping...[Read More]

The CCB Wins Best Web Blog Award

The Coaster Critic’s Blog Voted Best Web BlogCoasterdom has announced the results of their Coaster Web Awards. The Coaster Critic’s Blog won the Best Blog award. Thanks to all of you who voted and visited the blog this past season. While it’s largely based on my opinions and experiences it wouldn’t be half as much fun without my readers and visitors who chime in with their ...[Read More]

New Projects in the Works

For a while now I’ve been in the lab working on a few new projects. In my surveying of the theme park web site landscape I found just a lot of the usual suspects. News sites, image sites, park fan sites, etc. My hope is that my new projects will help bring Web 2.0 to the online theme park community in a whole new way. Other than the message boards, I don’t see a lot of interactivity ou...[Read More]

Coaster Web Awards Nomination

The Coaster Critic’s Blog has been nominated for a Coaster Web Award in the Best Blog category over at Coasterdom. There are other theme park site categories like Best Forums, Top Photography, Most Interactive, Best Podcast, and Best Site for Knowledge Based Content. Click here to vote!

Carowinds Trip to Close Out ’07

Carowinds Trip Next WeekFor my final trip of the season I’m planning a return trip to Carowinds, my new home park here in Charlotte, NC. I went back in 2004 with my then fiancee. The park was full of clones and similar coasters so we skipped quite a few. Plus, BORG Assimilator had just opened and had an extremely long line. I’m looking forward to getting on the coasters we skipped: Hur...[Read More]

Five Roller Coaster Reviews in Five Days

New Roller Coaster Reviews on the WayI’ve been neglecting roller coaster reviews lately. So I’ve decided to challenge myself to write and post five roller coaster reviews in five days. Starting tomorrow, check for my reviews of coasters from Hersheypark, Knoebels, Busch Gardens Africa, Kings Island, and Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Don’t forget, you can request reviews of coasters...[Read More]

Schmap Darien Lake Travel Guide

Recently I was contacted by They found one of my Flickr pictures and wanted to use it for their Buffalo Schmap Guide. I agreed and it’s been posted to their mini-review of Darien Lake. Check out the review here. I should probably let them know that Darien Lake is no longer a Six Flags park. Anyway, check out their site the next time you plan a vacation or trip to a new city.

Kings Island Trip

The twilight trip to Kings Island was a success. I was able to ride Vortex, Racer (both backwards and forwards), Adventure Express, Italian Job Stunt Coaster, Top Gun, Face/Off, and Beast. Son of Beast, which recently reopened was down again. Both Flight of Fear and Firehawk had 45-minute waits and I’d been on exact clones at Kings Dominion and Six Flags America so I skipped them. The two ni...[Read More]

Coaster Critic Finally Meets The Beast

Meteorologists Don’t Fail Me NowI’m planning on making a return trip to Kings Island. Hopefully this time I’ll get into the park. On my attempted visit in April of ’05, a fluke snow storm caused the park to shut down. So I went to movie theater across the street and watched Kung Fu Hustle. Not a bad substitute, but not really what I expected. I’ve been itching to get ...[Read More]

CoasterCritic on the Move

I haven’t had much free time lately to post on the blog. I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks making a transition from my old job to my new job. My new job is located near North Carolina so me and my family are in the process of relocating from the D.C. area to Charlotte area. In case you didn’t know, the Commonweatlth of Virginia is the best state in the Union. I will miss it...[Read More]

CoasterCritic On Hiatus

On Friday morning, May 18th, my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world. I’m taking a short hiatus from the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Kingda Ka Review

Kingda Ka Review at Associated ContentWant to know what it’s like to ride the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world? Check out my Kingda Ka Review over at Associated Content. Read the full article here. Also, my Kingda Ka review on this blog can be found here. If you like to write you might as well get paid for it. Join AssociatedContent, write about what ever you like, and get som...[Read More]

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