100th Coaster at Cedar Point

I’m not one of those coaster fanatics that wants to ride every single coaster on the planet. I have a wife, a career, and I would like to have kids someday. Not to mention traveling around the world or even all over the U.S. would be pretty darn expensive. I’m also not really into how many coasters I’ve ridden. I know some enthusiasts will shamefully ride kiddie coasters just to ...[Read More]

Top Coasters

Top Ten Roller CoastersAs most roller coaster enthusiasts, I’ve got a top ten. Kumba at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL), is my all-time favorite roller coaster. It’s an ultra-smooth looping coaster located in Busch Gardens’ lush tropical setting. Below is the list of the absolute best roller coasters that I have ridden. There’s my complete top ten and a list for top wooden...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Day = My Birthday

Suddenly my hobby makes a lot more sense. I found out today that I was born on National Roller Coaster Day. Back on August 16, 1898, Edwin Prescott submitted a patent for a looping roller coaster. Eighty-one years later to the day I was born. Coincidence? I think not. Finally, I can say something more interesting than, “Madonna and I share a birthday” or “Elvis Presley died on my...[Read More]

’06 Coaster Season Starts Off Chocolatey

I hate waiting in lines just as much as the next guy. Maybe even more so. When I go to theme parks my time is usually limited and I’ve often got a long drive ahead of me. “Get to the park, ride the coasters, and get out” is usually the game plan. So, when I found out that Hershey Park was going to open its season with a special Spring Preview and half-price admission, I was there...[Read More]

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