The Coaster Critic on The Season Pass Podcast

Last week, I was invited to join The Season Pass Podcast to discuss my background, the blog, Coaster Portal, and my new site Theme Park Syndicate. Aside, from talking about the sites with host Doug Barnes and Rick West of Theme Park Adventure, we spent much of the show just geeking out over our favorite and least favorite roller coasters. It was a lot of fun. The coaster geek part of the conversat...[Read More]

Announcing Theme Park Syndicate

The Theme Park News Aggregator Today, I’m unveiling Theme Park Syndicate, the Web’s first ever theme park news aggregator. Theme park enthusiasts can easily stay on top of the latest news and developments with just a quick visit as Theme Park Syndicate brings together headlines from all of the top theme park news sites, blogs, and podcasts in one place. Just bookmark the site’s h...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic Returns to Space

I finally got around to refreshing my other site, Coaster Portal. It’s a new take on the old school link directory that includes web site profiles, user ratings and reviews, general theme park web site news, all in a space themed package. I really want the site to be more Web 2.0 and interactive than link sites of the past. There are several places for people to submit sites, submit news abo...[Read More]

Dream Job: Get Paid to Ride Roller Coasters

Occupation: Roller Coaster Rider? Orlando’s 67 Days of Smiles competition sounds like my dream job. For 67 days one lucky duo will get paid $25,000 to ride the rides of Orlando and experience the area’s other attractions. The winners will document their adventures via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. To apply, just make a one-minute video and fill out the application on  ...[Read More]

3 Years of Airtime, G-Forces, & Blogging

This week marks The Coaster Critic’s Blog’s third year in existence. It’s been fun traveling the country, riding great (and not so great) roller coasters and then sharing my experiences with you. Thanks to all of the readers out there around the World. Also a special thanks to those who’ve joined in on the discussions by leaving comments. I’ve never claimed to know it...[Read More]

AirCoaster 3D iPhone App Review

If you’re a roller coaster fan and an iPhone/iPod Touch user then your app has finally arrived.  AirCoaster 3D, formerly known as SkyCoaster 3D, is a 99 cent roller coaster ride simulator.  Upon entering the application you are presented with a settings screen.  Here you can control various aspects of your roller coaster including track height and length and the frequency of loop-the-loops, ...[Read More]

Live Tweets from the Carolina Cobra Opening

This Friday: Live Updates from Carowinds Carolina Cobra Event   This Friday morning I’ll be tweeting live from the Carolina Cobra Media Day. So follow me on Twitter to get all of the live updates. I’m not a texter and don’t have unlimited texting, so I will be using SpinVox to send out my tweets. SpinVox is a service that translates voice mail messages into Facebook status update...[Read More]

Thrillator: For the People, By the People

I love web sites that use new technology and change the way we learn, connect, and share information. In the theme park webiverse there aren’t a lot of cutting edge web 2.0 web sites. Even theme park blogs and podcasts are just really starting to take off in the amusement park community when both have been around for several years. So, I’m excited to see sites like Thrillator. Like my ...[Read More]

Now on Facebook

Now on Facebook | Become a Fan!I now have a “Coaster Critic” Facebook page. I tried this well over a year ago, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a page versus a profile. For some reason Facebook just didn’t believe that “The Coaster Critic” was my real name. So finally, I took the time to figure it out and set up a page. It wasn’t hard, just not very h...[Read More]

Time to Vote in the Internet Coaster Poll

A Non-biased Coaster Poll, Not for the Faint-Hearted Fan BoyTime to vote in Mitch Hawker’s renowned Internet Coaster Poll again. During the off-season every year, die hard coaster fans fill out Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Polls. The polls are lengthy and complicated enough that Robb Alvey from created an Idiot’s Guide. Hopefully, the amount of time and effor...[Read More]

Vote Mark Shapiro For President?

Cheezonastick Supports Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro for President?The guys over at Cheezonastick are asking you to vote today, for Mark Shapiro. To be honest I’m not really sure if the guys are spoofing Mark Shapiro’s reign as Six Flags CEO or are in support of it. Check out the Shapiro-Snyder ’08 campaign site and decide for yourself. Either way, the ballot is pretty funny. You ca...[Read More]

Announcing Coaster Portal

Coaster Portal – Your Guide to the Theme Park WebiverseSo my announcement was delayed about a week, but today I unveil Coaster Portal. It has been a long-standing side project I’ve had on the back burner for years. The blog had taken up the majority of my time, until finally, I pushed myself to complete the site. I wanted to create a different type of theme park web site. One that link...[Read More]

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