Schmap Darien Lake Travel Guide

Recently I was contacted by They found one of my Flickr pictures and wanted to use it for their Buffalo Schmap Guide. I agreed and it’s been posted to their mini-review of Darien Lake. Check out the review here. I should probably let them know that Darien Lake is no longer a Six Flags park. Anyway, check out their site the next time you plan a vacation or trip to a new city.

Top 3 Theme Park News Sites

Top 3 Theme Park News SitesTheme park news sites offer the latest coaster-related news. On these sites you’ll find announcements and updates on new attractions, forums buzzing with rumor even video game downloads for theme park games like Roller Coaster Tycoon. Most of them aim to be a one-stop-shop for theme park information. Below, you’ll find links to the best Theme Park News Sites on the Web. ...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic’s Blog – Coaster Reviews & Theme Park News

Coaster Blogger Forgets His One Year Anniversary, Scrambles to Write About It While Its Still RelevantA little over a year ago I merged my passions for roller coasters and writing and The Coaster Critic’s Blog was born. Initially, I didn’t think blogs were anything more than digital diaries where people rambled on about doing the laundry, their love lives, and how fast the kids are gro...[Read More]

April Coaster Quiz @

If you’re itching to test your coaster knowledge, try the April Coaster Quiz over at Pop on over and give it a try. I think it’s one of the toughest quizzes I’ve put together in a while. At least I think so. We’ll see after people start taking it. Good luck! Click here.

Top 3 Theme Park Podcasts

The Best Theme Park PodcastsThe 2007 season is underway as most parks in the U.S. are open for business. I’m kicking off the new season with the return of Top 3 Thursdays. This Thursday I’m reviewing the top theme park podcasts that I’ve come across. If you’re new to podcasting or wonder what it is, CoasterBuzz has a great guide to podcasting. They are pretty different from...[Read More]

Mystery Mine Rides Offered at eBay

Charity Auction at eBay for a Ride on Mystery MineDollywood is auctioning off 56 seats for Mystery Mine’s first ride cycle on Friday the 13th, this April. All of the proceeds will go to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Winners also get a photo taken with Dolly Parton, VIP seating during Media Day, and Mystery Mine memorabilia. See the eBay bid post here. Mystery Mine is the new Gerstlauer...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Videos

I’m working on adding roller coaster videos to each of my coaster reviews. Thanks to YouTube, I can embed the videos into my posts. Quite often, the videos don’t do the rides justice, but I know a lot of people want to know as much as they can about the roller coasters they haven’t ridden. Especially today when I can see a POV or onride video of a coaster I’m not likely to ...[Read More]

World’s Worst Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters at the Bottom of Mitch’s Poll It looks like I’m not alone in my disdain and disappointment for the Mean Streak at Cedar Point and the Predator at Darien Lake. Out of the 179 wooden roller coasters on Mitch’s Poll, Mean Streak ranked 171st and Predator ranked 173rd. Psyclone, which was recently removed from Six Flags Magic Mountain, came in at 178th, just missing t...[Read More]

World’s Best Roller Coasters Announced

Mitch Hawker’s Internet Roller Coaster Poll ResultsThe results for Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Poll have been posted. Information about how Mitch’s poll works can be found here. Basically on the ballot you indicate all of the roller coasters that you’ve ridden and then you rank them. The results are based on which coasters were ranked higher than other coasters by riders ...[Read More]

MicroSoft Befriends Coaster EnthusiastsI’m adding to my toolbox for trip planning. Using Virtual Earth, Microsoft’s mapping software, you can get point to point directions for your next theme park trip. The map includes the locations of 200 theme parks in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The site’s especially useful if you have trips with more than one park. On severa...[Read More]

Subscribe to Your Favorite Theme Park Blog

The Coaster Critic Goes Web 2.0So it seems that there are some of us out there that would prefer not to go to the ‘hastle’ of having to follow a bookmark or even type in the url of their favorite sites. For the sites that they frequently visit these people would like the content delivered to them. That’s the whole driving force behind RSS feeds and readers. So it took me a year o...[Read More]

GoogleMaps Tool Chronicles Coaster Odyssey

Neat Use for New GoogleMaps APIAs Google continues to ‘take over the world’ they keep releasing more and more useful tools and sites. GoogleMaps have been around for a few years, but their new API tool allows you to use the power of GoogleMaps on your own site. Check out this map my brother created that shows all of the parks that I’ve visited. Clicking on the location icons brin...[Read More]

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