Top 8 New Roller Coasters of 2014 – Part 1

The Best-Looking New Roller Coasters for 2014 I couldn’t close out my coaster critiquing career without one more roller coaster preview list. As I’ve done in years past, I’ll list which new roller coasters opening this year look the best based on what I know about them, the preview videos, and my past experiences with similar rides. One more time, here are the best-looking new ro...[Read More]

2014 Roller Coaster Preview: So Far

It’s time to start looking forward to next season. While we’re likely to have a number of official announcements from parks in the coming weeks, a few roller coasters have already been announced for 2014. Let’s recap them: Banshee at Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio) Kings Island will finally have a replacement for Son of Beast in Banshee. The record-setting inverted coaster will b...[Read More]

New Thunderbolt Roller Coaster Coming to Luna Park

Luna Park announced that they’ll be building a new roller coaster that’s a bridge to Coney Island’s past. The new Thunderbolt will be a 125 feet tall steel looping coaster with speeds of 65 mph. The original Thunderbolt was a wooden roller coaster designed by John A. Miller and it operated at Coney Island from 1925 to 1982. Then it sat idle until it was torn down in 2000. Check o...[Read More]

GCI to Carefully Rehab The Coney Island Cyclone

It was recently announced that Great Coasters International has been chosen to renovate the legendary Coney Island Cyclone. According to the Amusement Today article, GCI was chosen because of their “proven track record of renovating existing coasters while maintaining each coaster’s identity.” Cyclone’s identity is very, very important. The 80-plus year old roller coaster i...[Read More]

Featured Photo #10 – A Critic & A Legend

I was really excited to make it up to the hallowed ground that is Coney Island to ride the legendary Cyclone. The trek across New York City, my exciting rides on the Cyclone, and my visit to the historic Playland Park in Rye made for quite an adventure. With the addition of Luna Park and ScreamZone this summer, Coney Island should be a destination for coaster enthusiasts. You won’t grow your...[Read More]

Coney Island Gets Two New Roller Coasters and a Boost in Thrills

Scream Zone to Bring Two Thrill Rides to Coney Island Last year Italian coaster design company Zamperla opened Luna Park at Coney Island. It seems like a no-brainer that a new amusement park would do well at Coney, but with Astroland closing down a few years ago maybe the right company had to move in start over. This Spring the park will expand with two compact roller coasters in a new area called...[Read More]

The Cyclone at Coney Island | Roller Coaster Reviews

The Cyclone Still Has Enough Tricks Up Its Sleeve to Offer a Thrilling Ride As I exited the subway station at the far end of the line, I could tell that the ocean was nearby. I didn’t know exactly where the Cyclone was located, but one glance down Surf Avenue and there it was. A tall rectangular electric sign right on the corner of the street brought a smile to my face. I had driven to the a...[Read More]

Media Misreports Coney Island Closing

Despite Reports, Cyclone & Wonder Wheel to Remain OpenMany media outlets have been reporting that the entire Coney Island amusement area is now closed for good after a deal was not met this week to save the park. This is only partly true, as Arthur Levine from About Theme Parks has written an article to help set the record straight. In his article, Levine explains that New York’s Coney I...[Read More]

New Plans Unveiled for Coney Island’s Future

Coney Island Amusement Park Revitalization Plans Last week New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg unveiled plans for the new Coney Island: “Coney Island’s fabled beach front area would become home to America’s largest urban amusement park, about 4,500 new apartments and a bunch of major retail establishments under a grand plan unveiled today by Mayor Bloomberg. The goal of the rezoni...[Read More]

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