Celebration City Closes For Good

Branson’s Celebration City Closes Celebration City in Branson, Missouri closed its doors for good on Saturday. The park was purchased by the owners of the nearby Silver Dollar City. Celebration City was supposed to be the companion park to Silver Dollar City as guests were to visit SDC during the day and Celebration City during the night. Park owners, Herschend decided to close the park citi...[Read More]

Hard Rock Park Closes, Declares Bankruptcy

Hard Rock Park Closes Early, Files BankruptcyIn its first season of operation, Hard Rock Park has closed its doors with hopes to reopen in 2009. As the saying goes, the writing has been on the wall. Word that the park was not hitting the attendance numbers it had hoped for having been swirling around the ‘Net for months. Many in the theme park community point to the $50 ticket price as the m...[Read More]

Columnist Shares a Funny Amusement Park Trip

When Rides & Food Don’t MixIn Tim Mollen’s syndicated humor column called Lost Journal, he recounts a day from his past and writes about it like a journal entry. This week, Tim sent me his piece about a childhood experience at the now defunct Magic Valley Park in Bushkill, PA. I don’t want to give away the ending, but it involves a bad combination of junk food and the mercile...[Read More]

Geauga Lake Changes to Water Park

Geauga Lake to be Changed into a Water ParkCedar Fair announced today that Geauga Lake, an amusement park in Eastern Ohio, will be transformed into a water park. The proverbial writing was on the wall. As I reported in “Geauga Lake Loses More Coasters”, rumors of Cedar Fair moving Dominator and Thunderhawk to other parks have been making the rounds on the ‘Net. Roller Coasters on...[Read More]

Astroland Closes For Good

The Historic Brooklyn Park Appears to be Closing for GoodIt’s a sad day for theme park enthusiasts. New York City has been planning a new Coney Island for a few years and it looks like there’s no room for Astroland and in the plans. The developers plan to offer tourists a new park, hotel, restaurants and time-share units on 10 acres of land between West 10th and West 15th Streets and s...[Read More]

Wild West World Closes After Short Run

Wild West World Open As Long As a Hollywood Marriage After only two months in operation the managing company for Wild West World has declared bankruptcy. Sadly, Kansans will have to look elsewhere for their roller coaster thrills. At least an old wooden coaster reopened last year after being dormant for nearly 60 years. The coaster was renamed Nightmare and is also located in Wichita at Joyland. T...[Read More]

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