Hersheypark Springtime in the Park Trip Report

Springtime in the Park sucked, no plainer way to say it than that. My buddy and I split from the wife and my daughter as we got through the gates at ten, and hustled on over to Fahrenheit. Got front row on the second train and rode that orange and blue beast for the first time. Very fun coaster, one of my favorite modern loopers ever, to be entirely honest. Got right back on, maybe a ten minute wa...[Read More]

Fahrenheit Testing Video | Hersheypark

First Fahrenheit Video & An Early Incident | HersheyparkYouTube strikes again! This time some coaster fans video taped Hershey’s new Intamin looper with the beyond 90-degree drop, Fahrenheit. The ride’s in its testing phase and won’t open until late May. The women taping the video remark that Fahrenheit looks slow. It looks fine to me, but they may be on to something. Apparen...[Read More]

Fahrenheit Nears Completion | Construction Photos

Fahrenheit Nears Completion at HersheyparkHersheypark’s new Intamin looper Fahrenheit is nearing completion. Coasterdom has a ton of construction photos that can be found here. The 90-degree vertical lift and 97-degree beyond vertical drop can be seen in the picture to the left. Part of me still questions Hershey’s decision of adding another steel looper with a top hat shaped hill. But...[Read More]

Fahrenheit Heats Up Hersheypark in 2008

New Coaster FahrenheitWill Heat Up Hersheypark in 2008The details of Hershey’s new roller coaster have been released. It will be called Fahrenheit. It’s claim to fame will be a 97-degree drop which is beyond straight down. Way to upstage Griffon, Hershey! Fahrenheit FeaturesFahrenheit will have a straight up, 90-degree lift. Followed by an ultra-steep, record setting 97-degree drop whi...[Read More]

Hersheypark Teases New Attraction for 2008

Is Hersheypark Planning a New Roller Coaster for 2008?It’s that time of year when the summer season begins to wind down and parks start announcing their plans for 2008. Hershey has struck first with this message on their web site:“What’s better than a perfect 10? Hersheypark 2008” When you click the message you are sent to a page that displays the date 10/02/07. The “perfect 10” ...[Read More]

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