Simpsons Ride | Universal Studios Florida

Simpsons Ride Opens at Universal Studios Florida Last week, the new Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida opened. Island of Adventure Central has coverage of the grand opening. Universal went all out for the event. Visitors adorned blue Marge Simpson wigs handed out by the park. And Krusty the Clow was on hand to lead an orchestra during the ribbon cutting. The ride is a six minute long simul...[Read More]

World’s First People-Powered Roller Coaster

People-Powered Green Dragon | Greenest Roller Coaster on EarthHappy Earth Day! Today, I thought I’d write about the most eco-friendly roller coaster. Not only is it good for the environment, it even gives the riders some exercise. The aptly named Green Dragon located at the UK amusement park Greenwood Forest was the world’s first people-powered roller coaster when it opened in 2004. It...[Read More]

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin | Six Flags Over Texas

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin Opening at Six Flags Over TexasLast year, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags St. Louis built two of these. They must have been successful because Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will debut another Tony Hawk coaster this season. These are basically wild mouse coasters with more open layouts. They feature spinning coasters with four seats where rider...[Read More]

Eagles Roller Coaster Test Video

Midnight Rider Renamed Eagles Life in the Fast LaneHard Rock Park’s marquee coaster, Led Zeppelin – The Ride, has been well covered, but it’s good to get a peak at one of the other coasters. Last week, the roller coaster formerly known as Midnight Rider was renamed after the 70’s rock band the Eagles. Most won’t notice the name change as Hard Rock Park, located in Myr...[Read More]

Bondi Beach @ Carowinds Web Cam

Bondi Beach Web Cam | CarowindsCarowinds is my new home park now that I’ve moved to Charlotte, NC. For 2008 they’ll be adding a wave pool. At 34,000 square feet, Bondi Beach will be the park’s second and largest wave pool. You can track Bondi’s progress via Carowinds’ web cams. The park is also adding a new ride called Yo Yo that Carowinds describes as a whirling swin...[Read More]

American Idol Meets Disney?

Walt Disney World & American Idol Team Up Last week Disney announced plans for an American Idol attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida. It sounds like an immersive attraction where guests can experience auditioning, performing, and being judged. According to the press release: “That experience will include an audition process, open to all who registe...[Read More]

What is a Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?

Wild Mouse Coasters Are Fun For All Ages At first glance wild mouse roller coasters look like boring ‘kiddie’ rides. They’re typically no taller than 40 or 50 feet with mild speeds that top out at about 30 mph. Unlike most roller coasters that use trains with several cars, wild mouse coasters run single cars that seat four riders (two in front and two in back). Wild mouse coaster...[Read More]

Kennywood Gets Ghostwood Estates for 2008

Kennywood Gets New Dark Ride in 2008A few days before Kennywood announced that it and its sister parks were going to be acquired by Parques International, the park announced a new attraction for 2008. Ghostwood Estates will be a state-of-the-art dark ride where Gold Rusher ride used to be. “The eight room haunted house replaces the Gold Rusher, which was retired this past August. “Ghostwood ...[Read More]

What is a Water Roller Coaster?

What is a Water Roller Coaster?Water coasters have effectively blurred the line between roller coasters and water rides. In recent years, Mack and other builders have constructed several water coasters around the U.S. and the World. Water coasters are typically steel coasters with large boat-like cars (reminiscent of log flumes) and water splash sections. They add a new level of fun for riders com...[Read More]

Dark Knight Roller Coasters Invade Six Flags Parks

Dark Knight Roller Coasters Swoop into Six Flags in 2008Six Flags looks to mass produce (well mass produce in coaster terms) a new indoor roller coaster for three of its parks. In 2008, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ), Six Flags New England (Springfield, MA), and Six Flags Great America (Chicago, IL) will get Mack Wild Mouse coasters enclosed in a Batman themed building.The Name GameNormal...[Read More]

Italian Job Stunt Track @ Kings Island | Coaster Reviews

Italian Job Stunt Track @ Kings Island | Coaster ReviewsThe most noteworthy thing about the Italian Job coasters are the Mini Cooper themed trains. They’re straight from the ride’s namesake, the 2003 movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron. With the aforementioned movie theme and and en vogue Minis, right away Italian Job is the opposite of a timeless classic. But it’ll ...[Read More]

Top 3 Family Roller Coasters

Top 3 Family Roller CoastersThis week’s Top 3 is fun for all ages. Not all roller coasters push the limits of human g-force tolerance like Kingda Ka. Family roller coasters are crowd-pleasers that are usually pretty tame. Italian Job Stunt Coaster at Kings IslandSeveral former Paramount parks (Kings Island, Kings Dominion and Canada’s Wonderland) are home to launch coasters with Mini C...[Read More]

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