The Coaster Critic Joins Gadling + Recent Theme Park News

Recently, I became a blogger at AOL’s popular travel blog, Gadling. I hope to add more general theme park and roller coaster news to the site’s already very rich content. Because Gadling has such a wide audience the posts there may be a little more general while my posts here will be a bit more for the enthusiasts. For example, I’ll probably save the geeking out about Texas Giant...[Read More]

First Look at the Fiorano GT Challenge at Ferrari World

Here’s a first look at the new GT Coaster Challenge (now Fiorano GT Challenge) opening this year at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. The trains are themed after Ferrari F430 Spiders. Fittingly, the roller coaster will be a launch roller coaster. If the Roller Coaster Database listing is correct it’s being built by Maurer Sohne, the same company that built Hollywood: Rip, Ride, Rockit. It wi...[Read More]

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