Time to Vote in the Internet Coaster Poll

A Non-biased Coaster Poll, Not for the Faint-Hearted Fan BoyTime to vote in Mitch Hawker’s renowned Internet Coaster Poll again. During the off-season every year, die hard coaster fans fill out Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Polls. The polls are lengthy and complicated enough that Robb Alvey from ThemeParkReview.com created an Idiot’s Guide. Hopefully, the amount of time and effor...[Read More]

Vote Mark Shapiro For President?

Cheezonastick Supports Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro for President?The guys over at Cheezonastick are asking you to vote today, for Mark Shapiro. To be honest I’m not really sure if the guys are spoofing Mark Shapiro’s reign as Six Flags CEO or are in support of it. Check out the Shapiro-Snyder ’08 campaign site and decide for yourself. Either way, the ballot is pretty funny. You ca...[Read More]

Announcing Coaster Portal

Coaster Portal – Your Guide to the Theme Park WebiverseSo my announcement was delayed about a week, but today I unveil Coaster Portal. It has been a long-standing side project I’ve had on the back burner for years. The blog had taken up the majority of my time, until finally, I pushed myself to complete the site. I wanted to create a different type of theme park web site. One that link...[Read More]

California Theme Park Trip Report – Part 2

California Theme Park Trip Report – Part 2 The Conclusion of the SoCal Theme Park Blitz featuring A Night at Knott’s BerryIt was getting late and I figured if I was going to squeeze in Knott’s it was time to head to X2 (4:40) and face my long wait fate. Luckily, the wait was drastically reduced. Instead of over 2 hours it was only about 50 minutes. Halfway through my wait in the ...[Read More]

California Theme Park Trip Report – Part 1

My Insane 11 Hour Blitz of the Los Angeles Theme ParksPart 1 – Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier & Six Flags Magic MountainThanks to all of the readers and those on the various message boards out there for the tips. I landed at LAX at around 10:30 in the morning on Thursday, August the 14th. After finding out how close the airport was to the beach and Pacific Park I figured I’d...[Read More]

Happy Roller Coaster Day

August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day On this day 110 years ago, Edwin Prescott patented a looping roller coaster. I hope you celebrated the day at a theme park riding your favorite roller coaster. I’m still recuperating from my tiring, but fun trip to California. I’ll be spending the day relaxing with family and celebrating my birthday. I found out a few years ago that I was born...[Read More]

Coaster Enthusiasts Unite to Lose Weight

Biggest Loser for Coaster Enthusiasts, So They Can Ride AgainIt goes without saying that safety’s important when riding roller coasters. If restraints like lap bars and over the shoulder harnesses do not fit correctly, riders would be in danger. Add the U.S.’s growing obesity rate and you have more and more theme park guests getting turned away just as their about to enjoy a great coas...[Read More]

Storm Runner’s Flying Snake Dive

Storm Runner’s Flying Snake Dive | Memorable Coaster MomentsHersheypark’s Intamin launch coaster Storm Runner opened in 2004. It features an exhilarating launch 0 to 72 mph in 2 seconds, a 150′ tall top hat hill at 90 degrees, and a unique inversion. Storm Runner’s coup de grace is the flying snake dive. After performing a zero-g roll about 50′ in the air, the train s...[Read More]

Steel Coasters vs Wooden Coasters | Weekly Topic

Steel vs. Wood | Theme Park Round TableFor this week’s Weekly Topic I thought I’d invoke the eternal battle in the coaster enthusiast community. Like PC vs. Mac, conservative vs. liberal, Pepsi vs. Coke. Most fall into one or the other. It’s a simple question that’s been asked and discussed countless times. Which do you prefer wooden or steel roller coasters? I would like t...[Read More]

Eagles Roller Coaster Test Video

Midnight Rider Renamed Eagles Life in the Fast LaneHard Rock Park’s marquee coaster, Led Zeppelin – The Ride, has been well covered, but it’s good to get a peak at one of the other coasters. Last week, the roller coaster formerly known as Midnight Rider was renamed after the 70’s rock band the Eagles. Most won’t notice the name change as Hard Rock Park, located in Myr...[Read More]

Eagle Fortress at Everland

Does Eagle Fortress Deserve Third Best in the World?The interesting part of this year’s Mitch Hawker Internet Poll is Eagle Fortress coming in at the third best roller coaster in the world. Eagle Fortress is an unlikely coaster to rank so high. It’s a sixteen year old suspended coaster built on a hillside at Everland in South Korea. It’s a controversial ranking as only six of the...[Read More]

T Express @ Everland, South Korea

T-Express | Intamin Terrain Woodie for EverlandOne ticket to Seoul please. T-Express is the name of a new roller coaster opening in Everland in South Korea. It’s an Intamin pre-fabricated wooden coaster in the same vein as the critically acclaimed El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure and Balder at Liseberg (Sweden). Intamin has created a new generation of wooden coasters that are as smooth a...[Read More]

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