Coaster Radio Returns

A Review of the Return of Coaster RadioOn February 1st, Coaster Radio re-launched. The site and podcast had gone dormant for well over a year. When I reviewed a few theme park podcasts last year I found the Coaster Radio podcast to be pretty entertaining. I was late to the party though as they had decided to stop making shows. Anyway, on the 1st the new site launched with a blog as the main page. ...[Read More]

Dark Knight Roller Coaster Blueprints Emerge

Batman Dark Knight Roller Coaster BlueprintsDetails of the Dark Knight coasters opening at Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America, & Six Flags New England have been sparse. Thanks to RCDB we know that the DK coasters will be indoor versions of a wild mouse coaster similar to this one at a park in France, that’s really all that’s been released. Coaster-Net has posted pho...[Read More]

Cedar Fair Changes Names of Several Coasters

Cedar Fair’s Re-Branding of Former Paramount Parks ContinuesThe signs of Cedar Fair’s takeover of Paramount Parks have been gradual, but apparent. Aside from all of the parks being named “Paramount’s”, many of the rides and coasters were themed after Paramount movies like Top Gun, Wayne’s World, and Italian Job. I noticed this season at Kings Island and Carowind...[Read More]

Top 3 Most Annoying Things at Amusement Parks

Top 3 Most Annoying Things at Amusement ParksThis week’s topic is pretty self-explanatory. I love visiting theme parks, but here are the least enjoyable things about my visits. 3 – Coaster MisinformationI can’t count the number of times that I’ve been in line and overheard the most insane, unrealistic, and impossible things about the coaster I’m in line for. They are ...[Read More]

Top Thrill Dragster vs. Kingda Ka | Roller Coaster Showdown

Twin Peaks: Kingda Ka vs. Top Thrill Dragster One of the most common comparisons in enthusiastland involves the two tallest and fastest roller coasters on Earth. It’s like Everest and K2. They are very similar strata coasters that launch riders from 0 to 100+ miles per hour in a matter of seconds. They both take riders over 400 feet into the air only to send them spiraling back down to Earth...[Read More]

Solo Trips to Theme Parks

Thinking of Going it Alone?Are you the type that doesn’t mind eating out alone? Ever go to a movie by yourself because you didn’t know anyone who wanted to see a movie? Then, you might be secure enough to reap the benefits of the Solo Amusement Park Trip. First, I’m assuming that your an enthusiast, or at least some one that’s itching to go to a theme park enough to conside...[Read More]

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