Freestyle Music Park’s Michael Jackson Memorial Weekend

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based Freestyle Music Park is having a Michael Jackson Memorial Weekend. From their official press release: Freestyle Music Park will host a Michael Jackson Memorial Weekend Friday, June 26, Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28 to celebrate and memorialize the life and times of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. In remembrance, the Park will have a memorial wall set u...[Read More]

Freestyle Music Park Re-Launches Successfully

Freestyle Music Park opened Memorial Day weekend as planned and the early reviews are positive. DiscoverMyrtleBeach took a tour before the park opened and has some great photos of the revamped park. It’s amazing how much the new owners have been able to do in just a few months. Some have been critical at the lack of updates coming out of the park, but as you can see from the photo tour they&...[Read More]

Led Zeppelin Re-Themed as The Time Machine

Freestyle Music Park has re-themed Led Zeppelin The Ride as The Time Machine. The park’s signature looping roller coaster features 6 loops, a maximum height of 155 feet and a top speed of 65 mph. The Time Machine will take riders on a musical journey through the last five decades. Towering more than 150 feet into the sky, the looping, steel roller coaster features a high fidelity, on-board a...[Read More]

Interview: Freestyle Music Park President Steve Baker Part 2

This is the conclusion of my exclusive interview with Steve Baker, President of Freestyle Music Park. In Part 1, I spoke with him about his experience in the amusement industry as well as Freestyle Park International’s vision. With reports of low attendance last year, most of my questions in the second half focused on the park’s obvious first hurdle; getting guests in the park. Again, ...[Read More]

Interview: Freestyle Music Park President Steve Baker Part 1

Last week, I spoke with Steve Baker, the President of Myrtle Beach’s Freestyle Music Park. His company is in the process of transforming the park from Hard Rock Park to Freestyle Music Park with a target opening date of Memorial Day 2009. We discussed his plans for turning last year’s failure into this year’s success story. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tape the interview...[Read More]

Hard Rock Park Renamed Freestyle Music Park

After having to rename and re-brand the former Hard Rock Park the new park operators didn’t waste any time. Today, the park announced the new name, Freestyle Music Park. In the press release, FPI calls the park, “the launching point for the Freestyle Park brand throughout the world.” “Choosing ‘Freestyle Music’ as the name of the Park is a strategic move that we see as a key bene...[Read More]

Led Zeppelin – The Ride Review @ Hard Rock Park

Hard Rock Park’s Headliner Doesn’t DisappointLed Zeppelin: The Ride is the headliner in Hard Rock Park’s ride lineup. Creating a great new rock-themed park is a draw, but nothing catches the eye of would-be visitors like a flashy new looping roller coaster. To that end, Led Zeppelin delivers a thrilling roller coaster that does an excellent job incorporating the music of a legend...[Read More]

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