Geauga Lake Loses More Roller Coasters

Is Cedar Fair Drying up the Lake?I have to give the Coasterdom podcast credit. Their last two shows have been jam-packed with juicy tidbits. Geauga Lake is a medium-sized amusement park located in Eastern Ohio and owned by Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair also owns Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH) and acquired Kings Island (Cincinnati, OH) last year. Maybe Cedar Fair thinks that Ohio’s a bit too crowded. La...[Read More]

Steel Venom to Resurface at Dorney Park

Steel Venom Roller Coaster Joins Dorney Park’s Lineup in 2008We’ve known for months that Steel Venom was being removed from Geauga Lake. They mystery was which Cedar Fair park it was going to be shipped to. Coasterdom has reported that Dorney Park will be the new home of the Intamin Impulse Coaster. Dorney Park was among the other rumored locations that included Canada’s Wonderla...[Read More]

Steel Venom Removed from Geauga Lake

Steel Venom: Missing in ActionCedar Fair is reportedly moving Geauga Lake in a new direction. News about X-Flight moving across the state to Kings Island and becoming Firehawk has already surfaced. Steel Venom, an Intamin inverted launch coaster, has been removed as well. The question is where will Steel Venom be sent to. An article on ThrillNetwork includes a quote from a Cedar Fair official ment...[Read More]

Firehawk Coaster Coming to Kings Island

X-Flight to be Reborn as Firehawk at Kings IslandI wanted to save my 100th post for my first theme park review, but some big news was confirmed this morning. Cedar Fair has wasted no time in making changes at its newly acquired parks. At Kings Island, they’ve removed Son of Beast’s sole loop and now they’re giving the former Cedar Point competitor a Vekoma flying coaster. Kings I...[Read More]

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