Top Steel Roller Coasters of 2007

Superman: Ride of Steel Retains Title as Top Steel CoasterThis year’s steel coaster Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards weren’t half as interesting as the Top Wooden Coasters. There were no new entries from the Class of 2007 just a re-shifting of last year’s list. With Cedar Point coasters always ranking so high, I was surprised that Maverick didn’t make the list. I’...[Read More]

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather to Improve AttendanceAlton Towers, located in Staffordshire, England, is home to a world-class roller coaster in the B&M invert Nemesis, and other notable coasters like Oblivion, Air, & Rita Queen of Speed. The park is also home to some pretty dreary weather. Their looking to change all of that with the same cloud seeding technology that China is usin...[Read More]

Behemoth Roller Coaster | Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland will Build a Behemoth for the 2008Canada’s Wonderland has announced the details of their new roller coaster for 2008. It will be a B&M hyper coaster, as the ‘Net rumors suggested, and it will be named Behemoth. Hyper coasters feature drops of 200 feet (20 stories) or more and offer consecutive airtime packed hills. At 230 feet (70 meters) tall and speeds o...[Read More]

Canada’s Wonderland | New Roller Coaster in 2008

Mysterious B&M Track Appears at Canada’s WonderlandCanadian coaster enthusiasts have a reason to get excited about 2008. Canada’s Wonderland, located near Toronto, will be announcing a new B&M roller coaster of some type on Monday, the 27th. ScreamScape has a covert pic of some bright yellow and red track, that’s unmistakably going to be part of a steel B&M roller c...[Read More]

Top 3 Roller Coasters in the UK

Due to my vast international coaster experience, I’m more than qualified to countdown the Top 3 Roller Coasters in the UK. Just kidding. I’ve been out of the U.S., but not to any theme parks. This week’s countdown is based on Mitch Hawker’s Poll,, general buzz on the ‘Net, and my keen sense of quality roller coasters. 3 – Speed: No Limits at Oak...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Accident at Expoland

Texas Giant Accident For information on the July 19th accident at Six Flags Over Texas involving a woman falling from the New Texas Giant go here: Woman Dies While Riding New Texas Giant [divider_line] 1 dies, 21 injured at Expoland in JapanThe Washington Post reported that there was an accident at Expoland an amusement park in Osaka, Japan. An axle on the Togo Stand Up coaster known as Fujin Raij...[Read More]

Top 3 International Roller Coasters for 2007

Top 3 International Coasters Debuting in 2007America debuts amazing new roller coasters every year, but it’s not really accurate to say the U.S. is on the cutting edge in coaster design anymore. This Thursday I’m going to countdown the three biggest roller coasters to debut oversees in 2007. Troy at ToverlandSevenum, NetherlandsGreat Coasters International is designing a wooden coaster...[Read More]

Infusion @ Black Pool Pleasure Beach

Infusion | Black Pool’s New-ish Coaster Goes for Water Record? Like Wipeout, 2007 will bring another new-ish coaster to the Brits as Black Pool will open Infusion. Black Pool Pleasure Beach is located in the UK and is home to the famous Arrow hyper coaster Pepsi Max Big One. Infusion is a Vekoma inverted coaster that was formerly Traumatizer at Pleasureland South Port. Vekoma SLC’s are...[Read More]

Pleasurewood Hills Gets New-ish Coaster

Pleasurewood Hills, located in England, will receive a displaced Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster it will call Wipeout. In its two previous lives Wipeout was Missile at American Adventure Theme Park (I love that name for a coaster themed after America) and it was Coca Cola Roller at Glasgow Gardens. It will be the tallest and fastest coaster in the Eastern part of England. RCDB has pictures of it i...[Read More]

World’s Best Roller Coasters Announced

Mitch Hawker’s Internet Roller Coaster Poll ResultsThe results for Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Poll have been posted. Information about how Mitch’s poll works can be found here. Basically on the ballot you indicate all of the roller coasters that you’ve ridden and then you rank them. The results are based on which coasters were ranked higher than other coasters by riders ...[Read More]

Top Steel Coasters of 2006

Superman: Ride of Steel Reclaims Titleas Top Steel Coaster in the WorldI have to admit that I was glad to see Superman: Ride of Steel take the top spot at this year’s Golden Ticket Awards. Out of the 130 or so roller coasters that I’ve ridden it’s the best! Don’t confuse this Superman coaster with the two clones by the same name at Six Flags Darien Lake and Six Flags Americ...[Read More]

2006 Golden Ticket Awards Announced

The 2006 Golden Ticket Awards were held August 27th at Holiday World. Hosted by Amusement Today, it’s basically the Academy Awards of the amusement industry. With all of the great new coasters opening this year and last year I was curious to see what changes might have taken place. The winners are based on surveys sent to well-traveled enthusiasts around the world. The interesting thing abou...[Read More]

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