World’s Best Wooden Roller Coasters

Mitch Hawker’s Wooden Coaster Poll ResultsThe best wooden roller coasters of 2007 look a lot like the best from 2006. Mitch Hawker’s Internet Coaster Poll is arguably the most accurate coaster poll around. The ballots take into account votes based on mutual rides. On the ballots riders must rank the coasters they have ridden and then their ballot is put up against someone else that has...[Read More]

Twister @ Knoebels | Roller Coaster Reviews

Twister at Knoebels | The Other Half of Knoebels’ 1-2 PunchThe aptly named Twister is the epitome of a twister roller coaster. It’s an action-packed wooden coaster with more lateral g-forces than you can shake a stick at. Twister’s exciting layout was actually borrowed from Mr. Twister, a roller coaster that operated at Elitch Gardens in Denver, CO from 1964 to 1994. Mr. Twister ...[Read More]

Phoenix @ Knoebels | Roller Coaster Reviews

Phoenix – A Reborn Classic Woodie Wooden Coaster Rises from the Ashes of the Rocket to Thrill Riders from All Over the Globe Knoebels is small amusement park located in the middle of Pennsylvania. It’s a homey park with a very traditional feel. In a past life, Phoenix was the Rocket at Playland Park in San Antonio. After lying dormant for five years, Knoebels bought and moved the coast...[Read More]

Top 3 Small Amusement Parks

Everyone’s been to a Six Flags, Paramount, or Disney theme park. But what about the smaller amusement parks. This Thursday I’m counting down my top 3 small amusement parks. My three amusement parks are off the beaten path, have only three major roller coasters, and have a rich history. Lake Compounce – Bristol, CTLake Compounce is home to Boulder Dash, an amazing wooden coaster t...[Read More]

Top 3 Extreme Airtime Roller Coasters

Ever get lifted out of your seat on a roller coaster? This is a result of the negative g-forces that are experienced on roller coasters. It’s a large part of the perceived danger that makes roller coasters fun and thrilling. This Thursday I’m listing my Top 3 Airtime Roller Coasters. Cyclops at Mt. Olympus Wisconsin Dells, WI You have to be 18 or older to ride in the back seat of the C...[Read More]

Top 3 Dark Rides

The Best Dark RidesDifferent from indoor roller coasters, dark rides are indoor rides consisting of a vehicle traveling past animated scenes. This week I’m going to list my top three dark rides. I’m going to forgoe the ranking system (1-3) as it’s tough to compare the more tradional dark rides to the state-of-art 3D varieties of today. Curse of Darkastle at Busch Gardens EuropeDa...[Read More]

World’s Best Roller Coasters Announced

Mitch Hawker’s Internet Roller Coaster Poll ResultsThe results for Mitch Hawker’s Roller Coaster Poll have been posted. Information about how Mitch’s poll works can be found here. Basically on the ballot you indicate all of the roller coasters that you’ve ridden and then you rank them. The results are based on which coasters were ranked higher than other coasters by riders ...[Read More]

Flying Turns Progress @ Knoebels

Knoebels to Resurrect an Extinct Wooden CoasterKeeping with Knoebels’ theme of classic wooden coasters, the park is currently working on Flying Turns. According to Wikipedia, Flying Turns was the name of a specific type of wooden roller coaster. They feature a trackless wooden chute that was twisted like a bobsled course and had toboggan-like cars. There hasn’t been one in operation in...[Read More]

Top Wooden Coasters of 2006

Thunderhead Edges Out The Voyage for Second Straight GTA TitleThunderhead won top honors at Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards for the second year in a row. But the real surprise, to me at least, is that The Voyage shot all the way to the second spot nearly taking first in its very first year in existence. That’s impressive, and it must mean that a lot of those well-traveled enthus...[Read More]

Smaller Parks Popular Among Enthusiasts

Smaller Parks Getting PropsAs I looked at the Golden Ticket Awards, I was surprised to see the smaller parks scoring so well. I was especially surprised to see Knoebels ranking third overall. Of course Knoebels will never surpass Cedar Point, but it is getting more votes every year. The smaller parks like Knoebels and Holiday World also won other categories. I think this reiterates that the survey...[Read More]

2006 Golden Ticket Awards Announced

The 2006 Golden Ticket Awards were held August 27th at Holiday World. Hosted by Amusement Today, it’s basically the Academy Awards of the amusement industry. With all of the great new coasters opening this year and last year I was curious to see what changes might have taken place. The winners are based on surveys sent to well-traveled enthusiasts around the world. The interesting thing abou...[Read More]

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