Review: Big Apple Coaster (Manhattan Express) at New York New York Casino

Big Apple Coaster (formerly Manhattan Express) is one of the most notable features of the Las Vegas skyline. You’ve probably seen it in countless movies and TV shows. The red TOGO-designed steel coaster traverses loops, twists, and turns on top of the New York, New York Hotel & Casino. Fittingly, the ride has scaled down versions of popular New York City buildings as an excellent backdro...[Read More]

PolerCoaster – Proposed 650-foot Tall Roller Coaster for Vegas Strip

There’s a proposal to build a record-setting, 650-foot tall roller coaster. Dubbed PolerCoaster, the ride would be integrated into an observation tower on top of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel on the south end of the Strip. If built, the ride would be the World’s tallest roller coaster by quite a margin. The current record-holder is Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, which is 456 f...[Read More]

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