The Best Non-Disney Theme Parks for Kids

Since I’ve been a parent, I’ve had a much greater appreciation for the kids areas at the theme parks that I’ve visited. Even when I’ve taken solo trips without the family, I’ve noted the good and not-so-good kids areas that I’ve encountered. The Golden Ticket Awards has two categories related to the best theme parks for kids and best areas for children. Out of t...[Read More]

2013 Theme Park Year in Review

Here’s a wrap up of 2013 including the state of roller coasters and some of the biggest news stories of the year. The Year of the Wooden Coaster Comeback If 2012 was the year of the wing roller coasters, then 2013 was definitely the year that wooden roller coasters made a comeback. We saw genre-bending roller coasters with wooden coaster characteristics, but elements like loops and other inv...[Read More]

Legoland Considers Theme Park in Stafford, Virginia

Local government officials in Stafford, Virginia are in early talks with Merlin about a possible Legoland Theme Park. If built, it would be only the third Legoland park in the United States. The other parks are: Legoland California (Carlsbad, CA) and Legoland Florida (Winter Haven, FL). It is all very early . More here: Legoland Considers Building Theme Park in Stafford County The proposed locatio...[Read More]

Legoland Florida Offers Reduced Admission with Pick-A-Date & Save Tickets

Last week, Legoland Florida announced a new Pick-A-Date & Save program that offers reduced admission for guests that buy their tickets in advance. Here’s more from their press release: Families will save on admission when they Pick-A-Date to visit the park and purchase tickets online prior to their trip. Choosing a date eight or more days in advance will result in savings of $15 per admi...[Read More]

Legoland Florida Trip Report

You’d never know that Legoland Florida just opened in the Fall of 2011. Located in Winter Haven, it’s a nice looking theme park with its picture-esque lake and lush green foliage everywhere. It was formerly Cypress Gardens, but has since been transformed with fun and adventurous Lego theming throughout. While it was a pretty park from a landscaping and foliage standpoint, of course the...[Read More]

Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida | Coaster Reviews

Wooden roller coasters aren’t as common as steel coasters. So even though Coastersaurus is a smaller ride that some would categorize as a junior woodie, I was excited to check it out. As a big bonus, my oldest daughter (almost 5) was up to the challenge too. Coastersaurus used to be known as Triple Hurricane when the park was Cypress Gardens. Now it has a Jurassic Park-like theme with life-s...[Read More]

Legoland Florida & SeaWorld Orlando Trip

Soon, I’ll be headed down to the Sunshine State for a family theme park trip. My daughters are 2 and (soon to be) 5 so we’re targeting SeaWorld Orlando and Legoland Florida. We’re saving the Disney parks for a later trip when our youngest is a bit older. I doubt she’d remember a trip from when she was only 2. I visited SeaWorld Orlando for the first time back in 2009 for Ma...[Read More]

Legoland Florida Announced for 2011

As I mentioned in my 2009 Theme Park Year in Review, Cypress Gardens (Winter Haven, Florida) closed last year. This week, Merlin and Legoland Park executives announced that they will be building Legoland Florida on the site of the old Cypress Gardens.  Here are a few notes from the announcement: The park, which is planned for the former site of Cypress Gardens, is expected to include between 40 an...[Read More]

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