Maverick: Open For Business

Maverick Survives Heart SurgeryCedar Point’s blog OnPoint! has reported that Maverick is finally open. The opening was delayed due to modifications that needed to be made to the track. Now it’s clear that one of the inversions was removed, much to the disappointment of enthusiasts. The heartline roll was replaced with an s-curve section of track. In my opinion the heartline roll appear...[Read More]

Maverick + Delayed = Thousands Weep

Cedar Point Delays Maverick’s OpeningSad news came out of Sandusky this week for all of those CP Fanatics. Maverick, the park’s 17th rollercoaster won’t be opening on time. Based on the test runs, the ride’s designers have decided that three sections of steel track need to be replaced. As a result, Maverick’s opening has been pushed back to early June. Thousands of en...[Read More]

2007 Roller Coaster Preview

Last year the amusement industry was buzzing about Holiday World’s Voyage and Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest. More than 80 new roller coasters will open this year. With the 2007 season underway, it’s time to preview the most anticipated roller coasters that will debut this year. Maverick: The Coaster Capital Strikes Again Cedar Point, the self-proclaimed roller coaster capit...[Read More]

Top 3 Most Anticipated Coasters of 2007

The Most Anticipated Roller Coasters of 2007 2006 was all about Voyage and Expedition Everest, although later on El Toro and Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia) got some attention too. This Thurday, I’m counting down the most anticipated coasters of the Class of 2007. 3 – Mystery Mine at Dollywood Dolly’s new steel looper will help to solidify Dollywood as a must visit destination f...[Read More]

Maverick @ Cedar Point | Construction Photos

Great Off-Season Shots of Cedar Point & That New Steel has some great new construction photos of Maverick, Cedar Point’s new Intamin launch coaster. For once it looks like Cedar Point is getting away from its MO of tallest and fastest. This time they might produce another classic like Magnum XL-200. Check out the new construction photos of the Maverick at Cedar...[Read More]

Cedar Point Announces Maverick Coaster

The Park Announces Details of Its 17th CoasterCedar Point, the self-proclaimed Coaster Capital of the World, has been working on a new coaster for 2007. The park has a track record of erecting jaw-dropping, record breakers. It’s been home to the speed and height world record holders four times. In 1989 with Magnum XL-200, in 1991 with Mean Streak, in 2000 with Millennium Force, and again in ...[Read More]

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