Destination Connecticut: Wooden Coaster Paradise

Two Parks in Five and a Half Hours If ever there was a whirlwind trip to amusement/theme parks, my visit to Quassy and Lake Compounce last weekend constitutes a prime example.  After a scenic 5-hour train ride from Philly to Hartford, I had 5 and a half hours, allowing for travelling time between the two parks, to accomplish my mission.  This was a challenge, especially when relying on Uber to rea...[Read More]

Quassy’s Wooden Warrior Opens with Timberliners

Middlebury, Connecticut’s Quassy Amusement Park is now home to another Gravity Group creation. This time out, they’ve reached in their proverbial bag of tricks and produced a family wooden coaster. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Wooden Warrior is that we’re now able to see those potentially game changing timberliner trains in action. I’d love to hear some reviews ...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic Joins Gadling + Recent Theme Park News

Recently, I became a blogger at AOL’s popular travel blog, Gadling. I hope to add more general theme park and roller coaster news to the site’s already very rich content. Because Gadling has such a wide audience the posts there may be a little more general while my posts here will be a bit more for the enthusiasts. For example, I’ll probably save the geeking out about Texas Giant...[Read More]

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