Columnist Shares a Funny Amusement Park Trip

When Rides & Food Don’t MixIn Tim Mollen’s syndicated humor column called Lost Journal, he recounts a day from his past and writes about it like a journal entry. This week, Tim sent me his piece about a childhood experience at the now defunct Magic Valley Park in Bushkill, PA. I don’t want to give away the ending, but it involves a bad combination of junk food and the mercile...[Read More]

Coaster Enthusiasts Unite to Lose Weight

Biggest Loser for Coaster Enthusiasts, So They Can Ride AgainIt goes without saying that safety’s important when riding roller coasters. If restraints like lap bars and over the shoulder harnesses do not fit correctly, riders would be in danger. Add the U.S.’s growing obesity rate and you have more and more theme park guests getting turned away just as their about to enjoy a great coas...[Read More]

Lake Compounce Book Review

New Book Chronicles America’s Oldest Amusement ParkRecently, I received a copy of ‘Lake Compounce’ by Lynda J. Russell. While I knew the Bristol, Connecticut park was the oldest in the country, I had no idea how rich its history really was. Lake Compounce, by Lynda J. Russell, chronicles the park’s history from its many owners and plethora of attractions over the years. As ...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Theming | Weekly Topic

Does Theming on a Coaster Matter? | Theme Park Round TableNews Plus Notes provided this week’s topic. NPN posed the question: “Does theming on a coaster matter?” I’m going to surprise even myself and say no. My answer is really more of a ‘yes, but…’. Let me explain. Theming on a coaster is something that I’m quick to give points for. It can take a ri...[Read More]

Steel Coasters vs Wooden Coasters | Weekly Topic

Steel vs. Wood | Theme Park Round TableFor this week’s Weekly Topic I thought I’d invoke the eternal battle in the coaster enthusiast community. Like PC vs. Mac, conservative vs. liberal, Pepsi vs. Coke. Most fall into one or the other. It’s a simple question that’s been asked and discussed countless times. Which do you prefer wooden or steel roller coasters? I would like t...[Read More]

Trees at Theme Parks | Weekly Topic

Weekly Topic | Theme Park Round TableIn Response to Coasterdom’s ‘Trees Please’. As Nate from Coasterdom wrote, there are two sides on the issue of having a lot of trees at theme parks. On one hand you have the enthusiasts that argue that parks look better with a greener, more natural atmosphere. On the other hand, removing trees allows for parks to create larger midways and walk...[Read More]

Eagle Fortress at Everland

Does Eagle Fortress Deserve Third Best in the World?The interesting part of this year’s Mitch Hawker Internet Poll is Eagle Fortress coming in at the third best roller coaster in the world. Eagle Fortress is an unlikely coaster to rank so high. It’s a sixteen year old suspended coaster built on a hillside at Everland in South Korea. It’s a controversial ranking as only six of the...[Read More]

Top 10 New Roller Coasters for 2008 Part 1

Predicting the Best Roller Coasters of the Class of 2008 With the 2008 season upon us I thought it was time for a countdown of the biggest and best roller coasters opening in 2008. I admit it’s impossible to rank coasters I’ve never ridden, but how can I turn down an opportunity to do another Top 10? 10 Flying Turns at Knoebels Knoebels to Resurrect an Extinct Type of Wooden Coaster Ke...[Read More]

Coaster Radio Returns

A Review of the Return of Coaster RadioOn February 1st, Coaster Radio re-launched. The site and podcast had gone dormant for well over a year. When I reviewed a few theme park podcasts last year I found the Coaster Radio podcast to be pretty entertaining. I was late to the party though as they had decided to stop making shows. Anyway, on the 1st the new site launched with a blog as the main page. ...[Read More]

2007 Theme Park Year in Review

Now that 2007’s in the history books, let’s take a look back at the biggest stories of the year. Six Flags Sold Seven ParksIn an attempt to reduce debt, Daniel Snyder (Washington Redskins owner and Chairman of the board at Six Flags) sold seven Six Flags theme parks. The seven parks were: Darien Lake (Buffalo, NY), Elitch Gardens (Denver, CO), Frontier City and White Water Bay (Oklahom...[Read More]

Coaster Walkers – Wooden Coaster Maintenance

Roller Coaster Walkers – Wooden Coaster MaintenanceLast year I wrote a post on Coaster Rehab where I discussed the affects of aging on wooden coasters. The Washington Post recently wrote an article that showcased a day in the life of a Coaster Walker at Six Flags America. Every morning at dawn, he’s out there. They all are. The roller coaster walkers. All across the country, where ther...[Read More]

Top 3 Most Annoying Things at Amusement Parks

Top 3 Most Annoying Things at Amusement ParksThis week’s topic is pretty self-explanatory. I love visiting theme parks, but here are the least enjoyable things about my visits. 3 – Coaster MisinformationI can’t count the number of times that I’ve been in line and overheard the most insane, unrealistic, and impossible things about the coaster I’m in line for. They are ...[Read More]

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