Mysterious Box Appears at Carowinds

Mysterious Box Appears at Carowinds, Teasing 2009 Roller CoasterScreamScape has pretty much confirmed the rumors that Carowinds (located near Charlotte, NC) will be getting a relocated Vekoma Boomerang next year. The coaster is shuttle coaster that was formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake. Now a box has mysteriously appeared at the park’s entrance. Like, Cedar Fair did with Kings Island’s...[Read More]

Laser Is Leaving Dorney Park

Get a Ride on Laser While You Can NewsPlusNotes has reported that Dorney Park’s Schwarzkopf looper Laser has been sold. Check out this listing on UsedRides. Enthusiasts are saddened by the news. Schwarzkopf loopers are legendary. His coasters (like Minbender at Six Flags Over Georgia & Sooper Dooper Looper at Hersheypark) are dated by today’s standards, but hold a level of nostalgi...[Read More]

Boomerang Coaster Coming to Carowinds

Relocated Boomerang Coaster Coming to Carowinds in 2009ScreamScape has pretty much confirmed the rumors that Carowinds will be getting a relocated Vekoma Boomerng next year. The coaster is shuttle coaster that was formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake. As with several other Geauga coasters, Head Spin will find a new home at another Cedar Fair park. Someone came across a construction company’s jo...[Read More]

Silverwood Buys Deja Vu Roller Coaster

Silverwood Opens Relocated Deja Vu Roller CoasterSix Flags Great America’s roller coaster named Deja Vu has been sold to Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, Idaho. Silverwood is also home to the Mitch Hawker Coaster Poll top rated wooden coaster Tremors. Deja Vus are inverted shuttle roller coasters made by Vekoma. They feature 90-degree vertical lifts and large loops. I enjoyed the one I rode a...[Read More]

Hypersonic XLC Missing from Kings Dominion’s Lineup

Kings Dominion Clears Out Some Junk in the Off SeasonScreamscape noted in a recent post that Hypersonic XLC is missing from Kings Dominion’s thrill ride page. As I reported last February, the ride has been for sale and you can still see the listing here. Even though there is no official or visual confirmation the ride has been removed, there’s a good chance that Cedar Fair finally took...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Removals & Relocations

Chiller, Jack Rabbit, and Deja Vu Go Bye-ByeBatman & Robin: The Chiller is now completely gone from Six Flags Great Adventure. As I reported in October, it’s on its way to a ride dealer in Europe. Flyin’ Phill has aerial photos showing the absence of the dueling launch coaster. Check them out here. Deja Vu roller coasters are quickly becoming extinct. As of now, they’re at le...[Read More]

Drachen Fire @ Busch Gardens | Defunct Roller Coasters

A Look Back at the Legendary Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Drachen Fire was an infamous roller coaster that lived in the Rhineland, Germany section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg from 1992 to 1998. While it had a short run, it’s easily one of the most well-known defunct coasters in past years. I will relay the background story I’ve seen several times on the coaster enthusiast circuit. I...[Read More]

For Sale: Big Dipper, Villain, & Raging Wolf Bobs

The Geauga Saga Continues | Wooden Coasters For SaleWooden roller coasters Raging Wolf Bobs, Villain, and ACE Coaster Classic Big Dipper will not be relocated to other Cedar Fair parks like the steel coasters. Instead they are up for sale. Martin & Vleminckx Rides are handling the relocation and sale of the coasters. See the listings for yourself at their site. Anybody want to start speculatin...[Read More]

Dominator @ Kings Dominion | New Coaster for 2008

Kings Dominion Adds Dominator for 2008Another Geauga Lake orphan has found a new home. Today, the official announcement was made that the B&M floorless coaster Dominator will dominate the Kings Dominion skyline next year. An Inviting Concrete SettingIn true Kings Dominion fashion the ride will be located on top of the existing park instead of in the acres and acres of untouched wilderness surr...[Read More]

New Coaster Rumored for Cedar Point in 2008

Cedar Point Rumored to Add its 436th Coaster in 2008Okay. We get it already Cedar Point, you have a ton of roller coasters! But they just can’t seem to control themselves. There’s nothing confirmed yet, but according to a few different sources Cedar Point’s blog OnPoint! has hinted at a new attraction for 2008. With the closing of Geauga Lake, and subsequent homeless coasters, en...[Read More]

Batman & Robin: Chiller Being Dismantled

Batman & Robin Being Removed from Six Flags Great AdventureAnother Great Adventure roller coaster has met its fate as the park is quietly removing Batman & Robin: The Chiller. According to the October 1st edition of the Kevin and Nate Show podcast, the coaster has been sold to a company in Europe. The dueling launch shuttle coaster was a unique attraction, but like other coasters at the pa...[Read More]

Michigan’s Adventure Gets Thunderhawk in 2008

Cedar Fair Moves Thunderhawk to Michigan’s AdventureAnother roller coaster is on its way out of the soon-to-be coasterless Geauga Lake. The Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster Thunderhawk is going to be sent to another Cedar Fair park in Muskegon, MI known as Michigan’s Adventure. It’s a compact inverted coaster with five loops. They’re are dozens of Vekoma SLCs around the wor...[Read More]

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