Coaster-Related Deaths & Accidents Continue

This summer has been a tough one for the theme park industry in terms of accidents and coaster-related deaths. After an already eventful season with several incidents, July ended with two more deaths. One incident invovled a rider who had just ridden Six Flags over Georgia’s brand new Goliath roller coaster. The other recent incident happened at Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa, FL. A 52 year-o...[Read More]

Hulk Saves Woman & Chances of Dying on a Roller Coaster

The Flipside of Roller Coaster Accidents There’s been a lot of news lately about coaster accidents. You’re still a lot safer on a roller coaster than pretty much all other moving vehicles. It’s the percieved danger that makes it fun. In a car chances of death are 1 in 18,000 and in a plane chances of death are 1 in 350,000. You even have a better chance of dying from parts fallin...[Read More]

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