Busch & SeaWorld Parks For Sale

The thing I’ve been dreading for months is starting to happen. The newly formed Anhueser-Busch InBev is starting to sell off Busch Entertainment Corp., the parent company of  the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks around the country. The writing had been on the wall since AB was purchased by InBev last year. Almost immediately, analyst predicted that the Belgian brewer would likely sell of the...[Read More]

SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta Promo Video

SeaWorld Orlando’s flying roller coaster, Manta, is one of the most highly anticipated new rides of 2009. Recently, SeaWorld uploaded a promo video to YouTube. You don’t get to see the actual ride, but you do get a sense of the world-class theming that will surround the ride. Here’s an excerpt from the official press release describing the ride’s theming: The journey begins...[Read More]

Last Call for Free Beer at Busch Parks

If you’ve ever been to a Busch park like the African-themed park in Tampa or the European-themed park in Virginia, you’ve seen the Budweiser Clydesdales and no doubt noticed that the parks sell the company’s beer. I had no idea that they offered free beer at the hospitality centers. I DO remember that the Williamsburg, VA park had free brewery tours. My brother and I took a tour ...[Read More]

SeaWorld’s Manta Topped Off

SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta is Moving AlongJohnnyUpsideDown has a rack of construction photos of SeaWorld Orlando’s 2009 flying coaster Manta. As you can see from the pics, the ride’s been topped off and the station is coming together. Check out JohnnyUpsideDown’s latest Manta construction photos. Read all about the Manta coaster, also check out this construction video from Se...[Read More]

400th Post & a Big Announcement

Milestone & A New Site Coming Real Soon Two and a half years ago I began this blog as an outlet for my love of roller coasters and writing. This post is my 400th post and it’s been a fun ride especially when my readers drop in and post comments. Some agree, some disagree, and others just share their experiences. Either way, The Coaster Critic’s Blog is at its best when the communit...[Read More]

SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta Photo Contest

SeaWorld Orlando’s Photo ContestSeaWorld Orlando’s new Manta will be a Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster reaching heights of 14 stories and speeds of 60 mph that will open in Summer 2009. Now, SeaWorld is having a photo contest. The first reader who’s able to take a picture of Manta’s track while it’s being shipped from Ohio to Orlando will win two tickets to th...[Read More]

Fate of the Busch Parks Unknown

Sale of 10 Busch Theme Parks ‘Inevitable’, Likely to Foreign Company Forget the American tradition of Budweiser beer being owned by a European company, I’m more concerned about my favorite park chain. Financial analysts have said that the sale of Busch Entertainment’s theme parks inevitable. The Busch Parks include these theme parks and water parks: Busch Gardens Europe (Wi...[Read More]

SeaWorld Unveils Manta Details

Manta Coaster Officially Unveiled | SeaWorld 2009 While the concept art and name had already been leaked to the Internet, this morning SeaWorld officially announced the details of the new Manta roller coaster. Manta will be a Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster reaching heights of 140′ and speeds up to 60 mph that will open in Summer 2009. Flying coasters feature trains where riders are ...[Read More]

Manta @ SeaWorld Orlando | Concept Art

A First Look at SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta The B&M flying roller coaster that’s rumored for SeaWorld Orlando is all but confirmed at this point. Concept art has emerged oddly enough on a British site. The Disney Information Bulletin Board has posted three pieces of concept art. The pictures show a B&M flying coaster themed as a manta or sting ray skimming the surface of the water...[Read More]

Manta Coaster Coming to SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Hints at Manta Coaster for 2009 In an Orlando Sentinel article SeaWorld Orlando hinted at a massive new project for 2009. In the article, the new roller coaster is described as the most expensive the park has ever built. A Busch Parks representative stated: “It’s going to have animal components, marine-life components. It will have a very unique, state-of-the-art ride,...[Read More]

Most Visited Theme Parks of 2007

Most Visited Theme Parks in North AmericaHave you ever wondered which parks have the highest attendance? Recently, the Themed Entertainment Association and Economics Research Associates released their Attraction Attendance Report for 2007. The majority of the most visited parks are in warmer climates and as such, they are open year round. The first seasonal park was Canada’s Wonderland which...[Read More]

Busch Opens Mega Theme Park in Dubai

Busch to Open New Theme Park in DubaiThis week Busch announced that they’ll be building a new mega theme park in Dubai. That city is literally growing overnight into a metropolis. I reported last month that Sega’s also adding a theme park in Dubai. It will be at the base of the building that will become that tallest in the world. Busch’s new park will include SeaWorld, Busch Gard...[Read More]

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