Fire Burns Down Haunted House @ Six Flags America

Haunted House Burns Down at Six Flags AmericaSix Flags America, located just east of Washington DC, has had its share of accidents in the past few years. Riders have been stuck on the Two Face roller coaster three times in the last 2 years. And last August a girl fell from a flat ride. This doesn’t include the criminal activity that has occurred at the park. Six Flags America Had A Haunted H...[Read More]

Superman: Ride of Steel | Six Flags America

Superman: Ride of Mediocrity | Six Flags AmericaThis is by far the most ho-hum hyper coaster around. As coasters go, it’s not a complete failure, but compared to other hyper coasters it’s in the back of the class. The fact that this Superman at Six Flags America (near Washington D.C.) is even made by the same designers that built a masterpiece in another Superman: Ride of Steel located...[Read More]

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