How to Handle the Off-Season Blues

The winter blues have us all in a funk. Well, at least those of us who don’t live in a warm climate year round. Up here in Ohio, winter can be brutal and leave you feeling depressed and blah. From November to May, unless you live near an indoor family fun center, you have to travel quite a ways to get your airtime fix! While YouTube is quite the source of POV (Point of view) videos and constructio...[Read More]

The Themed Entertainment Association’s Thea Awards

It’s that time of year again. Time to buy your wife a new dress, put on the tuxedo, rent the limousine, and head on over to…Disneyland! No, I’m not talking about the park, but rather the Disneyland Hotel. On March 17, the Themed Entertainment Association will be hosting the 18th annual Thea Awards. Now, if you’re fairly new to the behind-the-scenes side of the themed entertainmen...[Read More]

High Over Hersheypark – Skyrush Construction Photos

Ready for the Rush? – Hersheypark’s Skyrush is Coming Together Hersheypark’s been busy buidling their 2012 roller coaster, Skyrush. Fans have been hoping for something this big to come to Hersheypark for years. This year they’ll get their wish in this 200-foot tall, 75 mph thrill ride. The first few images show what looks to be the lift hill/first drop and some brave constr...[Read More]

Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia | Roller Coaster Reviews

Ninja Skillfully & Deceptively Punishes Riders Ninja wasn’t one of the roller coasters picked by the readers for me to review. I just felt it was my civic duty to warn the masses about this ride. I’m sure that many are drawn to this coaster because it looks really cool. Ninja’s twisted mess of red steel sitts on top of a pond towards the back of Six Flags Over Georgia. The Ve...[Read More]

New Wild Eagle Construction Photos

Dollywood’s Wild Eagle Looks Awesome Dollywood recently posted new construction photos of their 2012 wing roller coaster, Wild Eagle. Here are some of the photos that they’ve posted on their Facebook page and on Wild Eagle looks incredible! The idea of flying out on the edge a wing coaster in this wooded mountainous terrain is the reason Wild Eagle is very close to t...[Read More]

Joel from Coaster Gallery Talks Photos & Flying

[intro-paragraph]Boasting one of the largest collections of roller coaster photography on the web, has long been a valuable resource. I interviewed Joel Rogers, the man behind the site, to learn more about his fun hobby and his interesting day job.[/intro-paragraph] Joel B: Describe the beginnings of Joel R: “Joel’s Roller Coaster Gallery” s...[Read More]

Britain’s 5 Worst Theme Park Rides

Despite the British Isles being very small in the grand scheme of countries, we are proud to be the home of many fantastic parks and roller coasters. Names such as Nemesis and Megafobia are thrown around frequently on top 10 lists, and it seems we will be welcoming even more additions in the coming years. But amongst these great rides are some truly rotten pieces of work. Whether they’re poorly pl...[Read More]

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