Theme Park Discounts, Coupons, & Promotions

Discounts on Theme Park Tickets In a recession, what’s better than a deal? I’ll be using this post to share any deals that I come across. And I invite the readers to share any coupons, discounts, or promotions that they find too. In past years, I’ve scanned and posted coupons to parks in my area of the country including Hershey Park, Busch Gardens Europe, & Kings Dominion. Cedar Fa...[Read More]

Is the Six Flags Flash Pass Worth It?

Should You Get a Flash Pass? Are Six Flags Flash Passes Worth It? Flash Passes are electronic or paper-based systems that guests can use to bypass lines at amusement parks and in essence skip to the front of the line. I’ll never forget my last visit to Six Flags Great Adventure. El Toro had just opened and the wait was somewhere around 2 hours. Thanks to my flash pass, I simply made an appoi...[Read More]

Introducing The Roller Coaster Thrill Scale

The Roller Coaster Thrill Scale So my current roller coaster rating scale is my grade or rating for roller coasters. Like any critic it’s my rating of how good a roller coaster is. It takes into account the rideability, fun, uniqueness, theming, g-forces, airtime, and other factors. I realized my current rating scale isn’t terribly helpful for those less concerned with quality and more concerned w...[Read More]

How to Overcome A Fear of Roller Coasters

Pete Trabucco has a new book out called: America’s Top Roller Coasters & Amusement Parks: A Guide for Those Who Ride Them & Tips for Those Who Fear Them. I’ve seen a ton theme park and roller coaster books in my time, but I can’t recall one that had tips for people who were feared roller coasters. Believe it or not, I was scared of roller coasters until I was a teenager, so I can sympathiz...[Read More]

2008 Discounts on Theme Park Tickets

Coupons for Theme Park TicketsWith the economy in the state that it’s in, I’m sure everyone would love to find some good discounts for their theme park trips this summer. I’ll be using this post to share any deals that I come across. And I invite the readers to share any coupons, discounts, or promotions that they find too. Cedar Point – Sandusky, OH (Cedar Point posts)Nort...[Read More]

Six Flags Season Pass Promotion

Six Flags 2008 Season Pass Deal This is a weird time of year to be talking about season passes, but I came across a deal that might interest some of my readers. If you buy a 2008 Six Flags season pass before December 31st you get a free 32 ounce Sports Bottle. Not only that, but you get a day of unlimited free refills. After that, you get 99 cent refills all season long with the bottle. It’s...[Read More]

Solo Trips to Theme Parks

Thinking of Going it Alone?Are you the type that doesn’t mind eating out alone? Ever go to a movie by yourself because you didn’t know anyone who wanted to see a movie? Then, you might be secure enough to reap the benefits of the Solo Amusement Park Trip. First, I’m assuming that your an enthusiast, or at least some one that’s itching to go to a theme park enough to conside...[Read More]

Discounts on Theme Park Tickets

Theme Park Discount CouponsEveryone loves a deal right? At CVS drugstores and Giant grocery stores, I’ve been able to find coupons to several theme parks in the Mid-Atlantic. I’m sure you can find similar coupons at a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or drugstore near you.Kings Dominion – Doswell, VAI found a Kings Dominion coupon for $7 off a single-day ticket at a Giant gro...[Read More]

Top 3 Best Times to Visit Theme Parks

I’m often asked about the best time to visit theme parks. After reading this week’s Top 3 Thursday you’ll be able to find beautiful sights like this empty queue for Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point. In order of worst to best, here are the best days to visit theme parks. #3 – Weekdays During the Summer If you have to go to a park during the summer months, do yourself a favor and...[Read More]

MicroSoft Befriends Coaster EnthusiastsI’m adding to my toolbox for trip planning. Using Virtual Earth, Microsoft’s mapping software, you can get point to point directions for your next theme park trip. The map includes the locations of 200 theme parks in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The site’s especially useful if you have trips with more than one park. On severa...[Read More]

Halloween Theme Park Promotions

The Season’s Not Quite Over as Many Parks offer Halloween-themed EventsHalloween promotions at theme parks is becoming more and more prevalent. It’s a smart move by the parks as it can bring in guests at the end of the season when fewer are thinking of riding coasters, ferris wheels, and the like. Most parks in cooler climates (outside of Florida and California) will stay open weekends...[Read More]

Coaster Wait Times on the Web?

A Web Site that Can Help You Find Empty QueuesCoaster-related web sites continue to evolve. Today they’re more than just a gathering place for enthusiasts or distributors of park information. The team over at felt the need to create an additional site that ‘keeps parks honest’ about their wait times. is a site where you can find the average wait...[Read More]

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