5 Years of Theme Park Blogging & 5 Tips for New Bloggers

This weekend, The Coaster Critic’s Blog turns 5. I never would have thought that my little place on the Web for “One Enthusiast’s Opinions and Experiences” would have grown so much. Five years probably equates to 55 years in the blogging World as many websites  and blogs die off after only a short time.  Rather than just puff my chest out and list the site’s accomplis...[Read More]

Donate to Theme Park Change

CoasterRadio Launches a Charity for Theme Park Fans Mike Collins from the popular CoasterRadio podcast sent me some information about a great charity that he’s set up for theme park fans. Here’s more about the program: Theme Park Change encourages amusement park fans to give up one thing they would normally enjoy during a trip to the park and donate the cost of that item to a worthy ca...[Read More]

Top 3 Ideas for New Theme Park Websites

There are a lot of great theme park websites out there, but it seems like there’s not a lot of innovation. Theme park sites could definitely borrow some fresh ideas from the rest of the Web. For this special Saturday edition of Top 3 Thursdays (see, it’s not really late it’s just a special edition) I’m going to list three types of theme park fan sites that I’d like to...[Read More]

Announcing Theme Park Syndicate’s New Link Directory

Explore the Theme Park Webiverse! Today I’m [re]launching a new web site link directory on Theme Park Syndicate. Long time readers will remember these pages from Coaster Portal. I’m not out to set the World on fire with this addition. This re-launch is probably akin to the Medusa-Bizarro conversion or maybe more like X-Flight-Firehawk as far as comparisons to coaster re-theming go. I c...[Read More]

Theme Park Digital Airwaves: The Season Pass Podcast & More

The Coaster Critic Joins Podcasts Based on the East Coast, West Coast, & Europe I’ve been lucky enough to join a few different podcasts this season. I joined The Season Pass Podcast while they were broadcasting live from Kings Dominion during the last leg of Theme Park Review’s East Coast Bash. I was invited to be a guest on Theme Park Central‘s new podcast. And, earlier this...[Read More]

Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like | Theme Park Website Spotlight

Normally I wouldn’t showcase a defunct website, but the eight posts on this short-lived blog are awesome. Stuff Coaster Enthusiasts Like is based on the popular blog Stuff White People Like that has inspired other sites and even books like Stuff Christians Like. They’re often written from a standpoint akin to a sociologist or someone studying the behavior of a group of people or a spec...[Read More]

Presenting The Roller Coaster Wiki

In a World where roller coaster information was scattered throughout the Web, coaster enthusiasts had to do countless searches in order to do coaster research. Until, one day, a new website rose to the challenge with the help of an excellent group of resources. Now, there was hope. Now, there was the… Roller Coaster Wiki – The Roller Coaster Information Aggregator So what’s in th...[Read More]

Top Ten List-O-Rama!

It seems like coaster enthusiasts stay sane in the off-season by doing polls, top tens, awards, and coaster/ride tournaments. Even I’m starting to get a little tired of them at this point. But, Brady over at the LA Time Funland Blog has done something a little different. He created his top tens based on a panel of coaster ‘experts’ (including me!). The panel includes such luminar...[Read More]

The Final Countdown

So if you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know that I’m not one to shy away from shameless self-promotion. If you’re not going to talk up and promote your work, who will? You may remember the countdown to Eleven 99, the launch of Theme Park Syndicate (the Digg-like version & the current news feed version), mentions of Projects X & Y, the release of Coaster Portal...[Read More]

A Coaster Enthusiast’s Resolutions

As represented by the sudden increase in attendance at my gym, January is the month to start New Year’s resolutions. It’s the chosen time to turn over a new leaf, start better habits, and end bad habits. I thought of a few ways that I could be a better roller coaster enthusiast in 2010. Learn About Coasters & Theme Parks of the World Of course many of us know and love our local par...[Read More]

Ride Op Tells Amusement Park Tales

If you think you’ve seen or heard some stupid things at theme parks imagine what the employees have witnessed. The Amusement Park Tales is a blog that chronicles a ride operators experiences at an unnamed Ohio amusement park. Under the pen name MAL, the blogger shares her “most ridiculous stories”, from her time working in a park’s kiddie section last summer. Reading her st...[Read More]

Announcing Theme Park Syndicate

The Theme Park News Aggregator Today, I’m unveiling Theme Park Syndicate, the Web’s first ever theme park news aggregator. Theme park enthusiasts can easily stay on top of the latest news and developments with just a quick visit as Theme Park Syndicate brings together headlines from all of the top theme park news sites, blogs, and podcasts in one place. Just bookmark the site’s h...[Read More]

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