Bert the Conqueror Season 2 Episode Recaps

Bert the Conqueror is back with a new season at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific on the Travel Channel.  Once again, comedian Bert Kreischer will be our tour guide to some of the coolest and most unique adrenaline producing adventures anywhere. Bert will try to conquer everything from theme park rides and roller coasters to wacky local traditions and home-grown thrills. Check back here every Monday for episod...[Read More]

Nickelodeon Universe’s Super Bowl Commercial

Allegedly there was a Nickelodeon Universe commercial during the Super Bowl tonight. I say allegedly because I didn’t see it. I was playing catch up all night on my DVR. Watching live sports isn’t usually an option with my two young kids. Anyway, I had to fast-forward my way through a few commercial breaks so I must’ve missed this commercial that Prof. BAM submitted via my new (Y...[Read More]

Bert the Conqueror Season 2 Wants You

Intimidator 305 & Griffon to be Featured on Season 2 of Bert the Conqueror Recently, I found out that Bert the Conqueror has been renewed for another season and filming is already underway. Next weekend, the show will be filming at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens and they’re looking for riders, but not just any riders. They’re looking for two types of riders or personalities to po...[Read More]

Green Lantern Roller Coaster Announced for Six Flags Great Adventure

Green Lantern Roller Coaster: Former Kentucky Kingdom Stand Up Coaster Goes ‘Green’ in 2011 Six Flags Great Adventure has announced that their new stand up roller coaster will be themed after the DC Comics super hero Green Lantern. Just as the park’s 2008 roller coaster Dark Knight coincided with the opening of the movie, a Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds (my wife can&...[Read More]

Trip Report: Filming Bert the Conqueror at Carowinds

After signing a few waivers, the group of about 30 of us made our way to Intimidator. It was hours before the park opened to the public and it was neat seeing the normally busy park empty, but not lifeless. Maintenance and groundskeepers were hard at work making sure that Carowinds looked pristine as always. We entered the station where the crew, except Bert, were already setting things up. There ...[Read More]

Bizarro Will Be Featured on the Travel Channel this Wednesday

National Spotlight on The World’s Best Roller Coaster Bizarro at Six Flags New England, the roller coaster that many consider to be the Best in the World, will be featured on the Travel Channel this Wednesday night at 10 PM EST. This week’s episode of Bert the Conqueror finds comedian Bert Kreischer facing Bizarro in all of its upgraded, special effects laden glory. It’s my top r...[Read More]

Bert the Conqueror Episode Recaps & Poll

Bert the Conqueror is a new show on the Travel Channel where comedian Bert Kreischer faces all kinds of extreme challenges from crazy home-grown thrills and local traditions to modern thrill machines at the Nation’s largest and smallest amusement parks. We enthusiasts get a taste of roller coasters every summer on a cable channel or two. But usually it’s via some kind of 1 hour program...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Tycoon Movie On the Way

This news is just big enough for me to briefly pause my hiatus. Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to make a Roller Coaster Tycoon movie. More from Reuters: Sony Pictures Animation has pre-emptively picked up rights to the Atari video game “Rollercoaster Tycoon,” and is developing the project as a live-action/CGI hybrid. The “Tycoon” franchise, created by Chris Sawyer, i...[Read More]

Kennywood Couldn’t Save Adventureland Movie

When I saw trailers for Adventureland last year I was interested as soon as I saw that it was filmed at Kennywood. The amusement park in the movie is referred to by the fictional name “Adventureland”, but long shots with Phantom’s Revenge looming in the background are dead giveaways. I got my wife to buy in when I told her that her favorite actor Ryan Reynolds was in it. It looke...[Read More]

Harry Potter’s Wizarding World & Forbidden Journey Update

Universal has been promoting the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter like crazy. A few months ago there was the augmented reality map that went out in an issue of a USA Today. I thought it was the coolest marketing idea I’d heard of in a long time. Unfortunately, the execution left something to be desired. Augmented Reality Map After holding the map in front of my web cam for tens of minutes...[Read More]

Clash of the Titans Coaster Edition: Medusa vs. Kraken

Roller Coasters & Greek Mythology I saw the new Clash of the Titans remake over the weekend. Even a special effects laden action adventure movie couldn’t take me out of my roller coaster geekdom. Throughout the movie I was constantly reminded of the roller coasters that were named after these classical Greek gods and mythical creatures. A struggle between brothers Zeus and Hades was a ce...[Read More]

The Best Roller Coaster Commercial Ever

Recently, I stumbled across what may be… No, what IS the best commercial featuring a roller coaster ever. If you’re a roller coaster fanatic like myself then you likely imagine how a roller coaster would look in the landscapes and cityscapes that you encounter on a daily basis. This commercial for UK-based credit card, BarclayCard, seamlessly integrates a roller coaster into the crowde...[Read More]

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