Happy National Roller Coaster Day

Its National Roller Coaster Day! It’s August 16th, National Roller Coaster Day. Last year I found out not only was there a National Roller Coaster Day, but it happens to fall on my birthday. So celebrate by riding a coaster, reading your favorite theme park blog, or by sending one of these Roller Coaster Day eCards.

How I Rate Theme Parks

How I Rate Theme ParksFor my 100th post I will post my first full theme park review. As I did for my coaster reviews I would like to outline how I rate theme parks as opposed to just arbitrarily giving parks a rating without much explanation. First, I’ll give my general impressions of the park as well as a brief history of the park. I’ll mention when my last visit to the park was as th...[Read More]

Theme Park Reviews

I will add links to my theme park review posts on this page as I create them. Also see, how I rate theme parks for more information. Hard Rock Park ReviewMyrtle Beach, South Carolina5 roller coasters in operationLast Visit: May 2008 Six Flags Great Adventure Park ReviewJackson, New Jersey (Northern Jersey)13 roller coasters in operationLast Visit: September 2006 Six Flags America Park ReviewUpper ...[Read More]

Coasterology 101

Coasterology 101Don’t know the difference between a hyper, a giga, or a strata coaster? Do you have a favorite ride, but have no idea what kind of roller coaster it is? You’re in the right place. Check out my Coasterology 101 posts and get your learn on. What is a Water Roller Coaster?These relatively new coasters blur the line between roller coasters and water rides. Water coasters ar...[Read More]

Coaster-Net Sports New Look, New Quiz

Coaster-Net has launched it’s big redesign. And of course it’s a new month, so that means another tough new Coaster Quiz created by TheCoasterCritic. Test your coaster knowledge. Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person.

Big Summer for The Coaster Critic

2006 will prove to be a landmark year for a number of reasons. I’ve already crossed the century mark riding my 100th coaster and visited the most heralded park around (Cedar Point). During the rest of the season I will face the tallest, fastest, and most highly rated coasters in the world. Good thing they’re all near the East Coast! In July, I will ride what is arguably the most talked...[Read More]

June Coaster Quiz is Up

I’ve just posted the new June Coaster Quiz over at Coaster-net. Hopefully it will prove to be a tough one. Give it a try and see if your coaster knowledge is up to par! June Coaster Quiz

Coaster Reviews

My Highest Rated Roller Coaster ReviewsLed Zeppelin – The RideHard Rock ParkBorn: 2008Height: 150′Speed: 65 mphInversions: 7 (Vertical Loop, Cobra Roll, Zero−G Roll, Vertical Loop, Corkscrew)Make & Model: Bolliger & Mabillard Looping CoasterReview: Led Zeppelin: The Ride is the headliner in Hard Rock Park’s ride lineup. Creating a great new rock-themed park is a draw, but...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Reviews

More Past Roller Coaster ReviewsRaging BullSix Flags Great AmericaBorn: 1999Drop: 208′Speed: 73 mphMake & Model: Bolliger & Mabillard Hyper CoasterReview: Raging Bull’s a Bolliger & Mabillard hypercoaster from the same designers of the popular Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure and Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe. So I was excited when I arrived at Great Amer...[Read More]

Coaster Reviews & How I Rate Coasters

Okay, so I take ratings and reviews way too seriously. I admit it. I read reviews on Amazon.com, Rottentomatoes.com, Consumer Reports, Car and Driver and Richard Roeper. I can’t help it. Maybe I’m a review addict. Add that to the fact that I’ve always been into numbers and my love of coasters and with that you have: The Coaster Critic’s Coaster Review Scale10.0 – Supe...[Read More]

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