Wealthy Hire Disabled to Skip Lines at Disney World

In, “I can’t believe I’m typing this” news, according to a New York Post article wealthy parents in Manhattan have been hiring the disabled in order to skip lines at Disney World. The disabled pose as family members so that they can all skip lines. At theme parks across the country, disabled guests are often permitted to bypass lines completely or enter rides through statio...[Read More]

Hurricane Sandy Damaged New Jersey’s Casino Pier

Casino Pier Amusement Park Sustains Heavy Damage from Hurricane Sandy Images surfacing on the Web have shown part of Seaside Heights, New Jersey’s Casino Pier washed away by Hurricane Sandy. The aerial image below shows part of the pier ripped away and the Star Jet roller coaster now sitting in the ocean. Star Jet was a compact E&F Miler roller coaster that RCDB is already listing as def...[Read More]

Cedar Point Implodes Space Spiral to Make Way for GateKeeper (Videos)

It’s not every day that you see an implosion at a theme park or an observation deck come crash down to the ground. But, that’s exactly what happened at Cedar Point. On the morning of September 12th, a crew used explosives to implode the ride to make way for their record-setting 2013 wing coaster, GateKeeper. Here’s a video from up-close taken from a camera near where the tower la...[Read More]

What Roller Coaster Would You Ride in a Coaster Marathon?

While I make it a goal to try to ride new roller coasters as much as possible, there are other enthusiasts that pride themselves in having 100 or even 1,000 rides on a single roller coaster. Last month, Kings Island celebrated a 70-year old man’s 7,000th ride on Diamondback. Could there be a better testament to B&M’s smooth rides? Roller Coaster Marathons – A Test of Coaster ...[Read More]

Earthquake Shakes Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens

Just before 2 PM today a surprise earthquake shook the East coast. The quake’s epicenter was in Central Virginia near the town of Mineral.  That’s only about 30 miles from Kings Dominion and about 100 miles from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The 5.8 magnitude rumbler was felt at both parks and as a safety precaution rides have been temporarily closed. Mosts are praising the ride closings...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Tours: A Dream Summer for Coaster Fans

Imagine visiting Discovery Kingdom, Magic Mountain, California’s Great America, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disneyland. That would make for a pretty fun summer. For one of these roller coaster tourists that was just one week. That kind of theme park blitzkrieg is what Karol Gajda and The Coaster Guy recently experienced. Friend of the blog, Kurt – The Coaster Guy, was chosen to take ...[Read More]

Creepy Images & Video of Six Flags New Orleans | Abandoned Amusement Parks

Six Flags New Orleans | Abandoned Amusement Parks It’s always sad to see abandoned amusement parks. And other times it’s also downright creepy. The defunct Six Flags New Orleans falls into the latter category. WebUrbanist has a ton of really creepy images from inside the park. The thing that makes the images so disturbing is how the park was so abruptly abandoned. Usually defunct parks...[Read More]

Riders Left Hanging on Mumbo Jumbo

Flamingoland (Yorkshire, England) is home to the steepest roller coaster in the World in the S&S Power-designed Mumbo Jumbo. Unfortunately, the rides’ ultra-steep 112 degree drop wasn’t the scariest part of the ride a few riders last week. During their ride, the car they were riding in became stuck. It just so happened to get stuck while they were upside-down some 50 feet in the ai...[Read More]

Volcano Coaster Causes UFO Over Kings Dominion

Volcano Coaster Produces UFO & Garners National Attention I’m a little late on this one, but recently a UFO was spotted hovering over Kings Dominion near Doswell (rhymes with Roswell), Virginia. The ring shaped figure hovered over the park for about ten minutes. The UFO sighting received national attention and it was even featured on CNN. The park and many regulars to the park have expla...[Read More]

Roller Coasters at Ski Resorts

Who says you can’t get your roller coaster fix in the winter? Typically, if you live outside of Florida and California you have to wait until at least March for your nearest amusement park to open. In the last few years, German company Wiegand, has installed their Alpine Coasters at many ski resorts throughout the World including four in the States. They’re not in the RCDB, so they may...[Read More]

Vote Mark Shapiro For President?

Cheezonastick Supports Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro for President?The guys over at Cheezonastick are asking you to vote today, for Mark Shapiro. To be honest I’m not really sure if the guys are spoofing Mark Shapiro’s reign as Six Flags CEO or are in support of it. Check out the Shapiro-Snyder ’08 campaign site and decide for yourself. Either way, the ballot is pretty funny. You ca...[Read More]

World’s First People-Powered Roller Coaster

People-Powered Green Dragon | Greenest Roller Coaster on EarthHappy Earth Day! Today, I thought I’d write about the most eco-friendly roller coaster. Not only is it good for the environment, it even gives the riders some exercise. The aptly named Green Dragon located at the UK amusement park Greenwood Forest was the world’s first people-powered roller coaster when it opened in 2004. It...[Read More]

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